You Hate to See it

On your normal daily activities riding by other exiles bases, you’ve never met them, but their base is awesome, great design and beautiful decor. They’re even mindful of their fellow exiles, they have a accessible map room and water well available for use, AND THEN…Decay tragedy, you ride by to see a forest of abandoned thralls and pets, you had forgotten what the landscape even looked like where their base once stood, its just an strange alien space of rocks and bushes now. Sadness. I stared at that empty space and those homeless thralls for 10min in shock. I pour some Asgard ale out for you sir. Good travels.


The really sad part is they move to a new location and build keep refreshing those thralls with out the decency to move them to their new home or deleting them . Leaving floating thralls around. I agree seeing what was a magnificent base dissappear because they left the server is sad. @NesterT2

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