You killed the game

Well ! it is not going well!!! But not at all

What is this novelty of returning construction parts to the inventory ???

you know how much piece i had to sacrifice to make my construction plans ??? a lot!

and now I don’t lose them!

no need to farm unnecessarily, I’ll be bored now pfff

you killed the game

:wink: :kissing_heart:

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Reset the clock.

“You killed the game” or “the game is dying/dead”.


I think that was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but I can’t be sure anymore.


Me building my new castle:
Oh wait…
(picks up piece)
Thank you Funcom!


Joke’s on you guys, I’ve been using a mod to do that for years!


My biggest problem with this feature is I already dismantled and rebuilt my base, just so I could adjust the angle by about 5 degrees. I may have to switch this feature off to protect me from myself :rofl:


No my dear @auticus , @GullTopp is not this kind of member, it is a very spiritual person but like me English is not his best so sometimes we cannot pass the sarcasm correctly.


so cute, thank
I wanted to wink concerning at a lot of topic that I have seen pass and thanking the development team for their work, with a French bashing approach that I like a lot because as you well know
qui ne râle pas n’est pas français!! in the text, it’s up to you to translate :wink: :rofl:


As a more serious take on this, the pick up feature can be abused (e.g. doorless bases). I wouldn’t be surprised to see it get disabled on PVP servers in the future.

yes maybe, it was already possible and easy to make base without door, like doing pvp without base thanks to animals and pnj, well if you are not greedy of raw material and mass storage
as you can always do a false door …
it’s been a long time that i haven’t evolued in Pvp
now, this kind of strategy slows you down enormously so there is a significant advantage for the attackers

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Fair enough. I’ve been around the internet most of the day reading how funcom killed the game with the latest patch (some of it even leaked into these forums today) so it all starts to read the same to me :smiley:


Isn’t this a fact. I sometimes catch my self trying to put a damn working bench for 10 minutes. I look from this side, then the other and back, hmm no I don’t like it again :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Then is the sun, I love equally sunset and sunrise, so I have to fix a big balcony looking both or at least one, depending the place I decided to build. And finally the kitchen, omg. I have to separate everything, I need at least 10 improved preservation boxes, flowers, decorations, plates, jars, cups, shelves, thrall pot, feed box , set of knives over the chef (I use daggers :rofl::rofl::rofl:), notes on walls to look like orders to chef, scrolls for recipes and a storage room for fluid press, beehives and compost heap.
Ohh, I can’t be saved, I am doomed to decorate :rofl::rofl::rofl:


at each patch it’s the same @auticus
that’s why my sarcasm
but this patch is good, of course, it is not perfect but it is good, just like this Dlc
I wanted to report it my way, probably not the best
And because this option, to be able to return the construction parts to the inventory, is a great gift
yes @stelagel , and the game knows it that too well :wink:
we are human


They already exist on Exiles.

  1. Resource to destroy and replace is uber cheap.


  1. Return home. Just map out to any obelisk, have a non raid time storage base near it. Then get 6 t3 or better bearers, cargo rhino/elephants. Port to storage pre raid, load bearer, click stop following. Repeat for all bearers. 200 item slots transferred without ever using a door at main base.

***Mapping Does not work for Siptah, so use 1 and 2 to accomplish same.


I know, but this change will make it much easier. No 1s or 2s necessary.

My clanmate hasn’t logged on in months. I want to take his castle apart and move it maybe 15 meters leeward. Knowing where his body was, I’m not sure whether I should craft a Tex Avery-style ancient jail for him to wake in.


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