You made thrall issues worse?! How?! 😡

Thralls fall through the ground everywhere post 2.5.
They still don’t return to guard position. (Even when nothing is blocking their path.)
They still get stuck on everything.
They still don’t sheath their weapons, always in attack stance.
I’m not wasting my three day weekend editing and uploading vids and pics, yet, to prove Funcom doesn’t own nor test on XBSX.

Oh, but if I move their weapon into their inventory it looks cool on their backs. Really??


I forgot to add, Must be placed on walkable floor.
Thanks @Shaolindruid for the reminder.

No other replies? Am I the only one with these issues?
Side affects of CE include but, are not limited to, hallucinations? :confused:

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No, you are not the only one with this issue. There are some similar threads. For me the worst part here is, that I loose thralls that way frequently. They die & I have only the log entry that they died…
Since that problem appeared the first time I lost 6 thralls already. Those were partial more then a year old, never changing the position. It is irritating enough that I have to recollect them again and again, when I find they changed there position themselfs.

Oh I can go on!!
But my biggest pet peeve.
They still haven’t fixed official Siptahs English Names. Kill them its now German.
Or knock out a T4 only to find out their stats are T2.

Knock out a T4 to find out they’re a T2, what the heck?!
No thanks, I’m frustrated enough where I am, Siptah can wait.

You really think it’s XBOX only issue?
The AI in this game is non existent.
Can’t fight pve enemies without followers cause mobs are glitchy, broken hitboxes, can’t be staggered and have too muich hp.
Can’t fight pve enemies with followers cause followers lag, get stuck, just stand and do anything…
Game is in bad state as PvP and PvE.

So I’m not going crazy!

From the disappearing enemy’s mid fight to the names changing i thought my character had eaten bad mushrooms😂

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