You missed the mark on this week's newsletter



You missed the mark on this week’s newsletter. Meet the dev was only supposed to be one portion of the newsletter not the entirety of the newsletter. I actually like reading the article, but it was missing content it should have been a 2 minute YouTube video or the article with pictures how come they’re not any pictures. And when he talks about what he’s working on there has to be another answer except I can’t talk about it. You guys need to come up with base answer like concept art, conceptual design, use buzzwords.

Also how come you’re not talking about timelines of the next patch. You don’t have to give an exact date you can be like we’re halfway done with the development of this patch, or we’re about 90% complete with testing, that gives a rough time frame of publication of the patch and that way we’re not all left out in the limbo… but I’m glad you’re taking the feedback and I appreciate all the hard work and in general good job fellas


Yeah, I get that he can’t talk about upcoming content, but it would have been nice if he could have spared a few m ore minutes to talk about past content, what direction he was given, what his process was, what inspired him, what he was trying to convey about it.


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