You need all version of bench now?

Did you just now need to have every bench to be able to createnormal and rare stuff ? Is it not better to, If you already have a max level bench, simply let us create all our stuff in 1 bench instead of having to build every armores bench, improved armorer bench, campaign armorer bench, etc. WHY ?

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THIS DRIVES ME NUTS. Makes zero sense to need multiple types of the same bench if it’s supposedly an upgrade from the last tier. Like why did they have to make crafter more tedious and convoluted than it already is.

Because the last tier of work benches are end game specific. It does bug me too. Because you can make the sandstorm mask, but not the padding to make it :joy:

It only bugs me when I’m sharing a base, because I usually level up much faster and I have to make everything :joy:

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completely unnecessary so much waste space on my base now why make it difficult to play the game, and I’m not referring to hp of pets or spells I’m referring to steps to do stuff, barriers for the player which make “casual” player quit the game; like my girlfriend who is not casual player at all but doest play that much, she hated rust and stayed here because it was friendlier to new players, well not anymore

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