You need to change how Ping works

Just this. If I have a character on an offical server, then that server should let me in no matter what my ping.

When I first picked a server for this game, I picked the lowest ping server on the list. Since then, the ping on said sever has had its highs and its lows. But that means, when the ping is high, I can’t get into the server I’ve already been playing on. It’s extremely annoying sitting at the server select, waiting for the ping to go down enough to jump back in.

This is why the No-Ping server is so overloaded. Everybody is pigpiling into it because you don’t have to sit at the server select screen for 5 minutes clicking the Refresh button.

This is doubly true now. The last few months have had the G-Portal servers going nuts with massive lag spikes. And that just makes it even harder to get in.

Change the server settings so that it doesn’t check your ping if you already have a character on said server.

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