You need to get your act together with the suspension system, Funcom

As said in the title, get your act together already. Countless of PvE hours down the drain just because someone in our clan build too much on another PvP server. And no, we did not block any in-game content or anything from spawning. We just build enough to protect us, a base and a couple of small buildings in the vicinity. Not much land was claimed and only the Crevice was obviously blocked since our base was in it, two gates were placed just to help us flee from riders. They could be climbed over or went around. Nothing out of the ordinary that other clans hadn’t done. And the other bigger clans spew foundations all over the map and they are not dealt with.

The possible suspension should prevent players from breaking the rules, now it just prevents us from playing the game properly since it seems that there’s no actual logic behing the bans. Some get suspended for things others don’t, so how are we to know. The only solution seems to be to build a small, max two door base that is easy to raid so we won’t get reported.

Oh and we are well aware of the rules and always play by them so no need to point them out.