You need to test before launch

Yet another bug report. And some complaints.

First, playstation 8055

Thrall’s bodies disappear immediately when they die and their gear is not recoverable. This has happened twice now, both on the dawn island. They did not decay, they disappeared. I don’t know if they went under the mesh, going out of render range and back, multiple times, changed nothing.

Thralls just standing there, even when being called out has cost me two Accursed fighter 3s. Both died while I was running and telling them to move and was OUT of render range. And then no bodies.

This is getting very old very fast.


It seems that nothing is properly tested before being added to the game. The bazaar building sets are a perfect example, there are so many issues that should have been obvious in testing phase. Aesir set is still broken, when you upgrade or change ceiling pieces to Aesir everything placed on them returns to inventory and you have to place everything all over again. Very frustrating if you have lots of decorations or if there are items that won’t return all of the materials.

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I confirm your issue. Thralls indeed in many cases are getting lost on death under the terrain . So the problem exists 100%.

A workaround, yet not the solution is to wait some mimutes for their body to decay and become a loot bag. Loot bags ALWAYS spawn on the terrain and are visible to loot easy.
I do this on Surges as well years now. After a surge ends i am wondering around for possible lootbags to show up since the dead npcs are under the terrain hidden.
I cannot explain why it happens, but it does, years now. Not only to thralls but to anything that walks in this map, even to our toon.
Wait for lootbags, get your s…t back.
Wishes for a happy new year fellow exile :tada:.

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