You put out more DLC, but haven't fixed the game

If you look at the history of FunCom and more specifically this game, it will ALWAYS be a buggy product.

Learn to live with it or don’t play, FunCom hasn’t gotten any better at releasing stable software in the last decade+.


they already made millions on the game, 2 DLC’s released and practically no bug fixes, balance or improvements. They did make leveling take longer to do, woo hoo!

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The comparison involving a car and CE may contain differences involving values and functions, but in both cases the respect for the consumer and the “priorities” of Funcom are being discussed. Surely it may be easier and more profitable to sell dlcs than fix a partially broken game, but it’s that kind of attitude that puts Funcom’s credibility and seriousness into question.

Although CE only involves leisure, no one buys a “complete” game on official release to get headaches or be perseverant indefinitely until the game receives a decent update. Well, where’s the “pleasure” or “fun” when buying a game that collects problems and limitations? Because it is a game, do game developers now have the right to sell unfinished and problematic products? And everything is fine?

Fixing this game for “yesterday” is Funcom’s obligation as it was produced and sold under these conditions with full knowledge of it. Getting “extra money” under such circumstances is unethical. And if the company wants to profit in a “right” way with this game it’s just a matter of doing their homework BEFORE the game is marketed. I have not paid full price to get the empty promise that in the “future” CE will finally provide a complete, stable and fair experience for everyone.


Hi everyone,

99% of the DLC content is art assets. Which means it’s 99% done by the artists. There are no new mechanics or code necessary other than some dependencies and numbers.

Creating these art assets is more or less straight forward. The art team knows what to do, they create it, make it look awesome and prepare it to be ready to be implemented. That’s not to say it’s not a lot of work. They have been absolute rock stars to create these assets for players who want them to enjoy in a very short time.

Content, such as the art updates for our DLCs, has to be prepared a few weeks before it goes through Sony and Microsoft Cert for technical reasons and to make sure everything in the back-end is ready for the store. This means the artist had to make sure these assets were ready before the break.

Now, many members of the dev team have been working into their break to bring you hotfixes right after the big patch. Addressing critical bugs that would keep players from actually playing the game.
Some people have even been working throughout the whole break (art and programmers). I am not mentioning this because I expect anyone to thank us for doing this but simply to mention that we have been and are on the case.

However, some bugs are unfortunately not as straight forward and hunting down issues and fixing them takes time. There will also always be a discussion between what issues the community deems critical and what we internally have to focus on for one reason or another.

What I would like to stress is that we are working constantly on improving all aspects of the game. That means, new content, new mechanics, fixing issues and working on stability and performance. Fixing existing issues is and has always been a priority for us. Our teams are working in parallel on different aspects of the game.

With that said, we have a TestLive patch next week that will address issues you’ve been reporting and we will keep working on addressing bugs down the line as we have always done. Additionally, we have the parity patch for consoles coming and we will have the new pet mechanics and dungeons available for testing soon as well.

More info about the upcoming patches can be found here.

Thanks for being part of the community and for your input and feedback :slight_smile:


the funny part is that even those cosmetic DLCs have bugs :rofl:


Could we get a fix for missing stats on the DLC armor ? I would like to wear the Black Dragon armor but without heat protection on it i would overheat in some areas ^^

For example the Khitan armor has excellent cold protection. The new DLC armor should have excellent heat protection :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

99% of the DLC content is art assets. Which means it’s 99% done by the artists. There are no new mechanics or code necessary other than some dependencies and numbers.

This makes me laugh, because the DLC has so many bugs in it. You’re basically agreeing that the base game is extremely buggy and DLC released on top of it will just be filled with those bugs as well.

Now, many members of the dev team have been working into their break to bring you hotfixes right after the big patch.

The big patch shouldn’t have been released with how much it broke the game and you all damn well know it.

Some people have even been working throughout the whole break (art and programmers).

QA is the resource you need most right now, you have enough other folks to make plenty of changes to the game. What you need to checks and balances because these fixes typically break as much or more than they fix.


Maybe that’s the solution. Perhaps we should all break out our old rigs so it plays more smoothly. Or maybe try it on a crappy laptop. Ahem…
Has it occurred to you that just maybe you’re the exception if the game is playing well enough on your PC? Look around other forums…we’re far from the only people having this issue and many others.
As far as your comment about the bug fixing goes, I’ve been playing this game since early access. They had a very stable build right up to two weeks before release when they released this huge unstable, untested update that changed nearly every aspect of the game…then they released the unstable build. There were major issues from day 1. We’re now 3 months post release and very little has actually been fixed as far as the stability of the game goes. Look at the Steam Charts…people are steadily falling out because of this.
Now going by your logic, it follows quite simply that this game should absolutely not have been released as a finished product and should still be in early access because that update was never properly tested and patched prior to release. That’s what’s so frustrating to me and thousands of other players.
I’m glad it runs well on your PC and maybe someday it will on everyone else’s. But not today.


I’m interested to know what the specs are.

140-160 FPS for me on my 1080Ti and i7 8700K
80-120 FPS on my 1070 and i7 6700HQ (laptop)
60-90 FPS on my 970 and i7 4790K (old PC)

No stuttering on any of them. All max settings.

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Saying my PC might be choking on the graphics is laughable. As I’ve mentioned, this is the only game myself and others I game with are having problems with. We play other games that are far more graphics heavy and resource hogs than CE will ever be and those games barely warm up our vid cards and processors. Trust me, it’s not our PC’s. And we all have 100mbps down and at least 10mbps up. It’s not our internet connections.
You’re not the only one who’s said it runs okay on a basic gaming rig. Sounds, perhaps, like some sort of optimization issue across varying hardware. Who knows? All I know is I paid good money for a game that’s practically unplayable…or more accurately, playable, but frustrating as hell with all the issues. Either way, they need to focus on sorting it out.

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Yeh, im playing on a laptop i5, 16gb ram, gtx 960m no problems here. I play on low / medium. The only time i stuttered was when arrows got stuck in the air from archer thralls. I replaced the bows for throwing axes and it solved the problem.

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I’m running an i5 7600K, 16Gb RAM, 1070, Samsung EVO SSD. Max settings…70-100 FPS with no notable drop in FPS when it stutters and it never goes below 70. The only difference is you’re running the i7’s and I don’t see how that would be the issue. My friends all have comparable rigs with the same stuttering issues. I don’t know what FPS they’re pulling, but I’d guess it’s very close in values.

I get what you’re saying. I’m running a 1070 as is Taemien on his laptop. He says he’s not having stuttering issues. Some people have said that they’re also not experiencing stuttering on even older less powerful vid cards. Believe me, it make no sense to me that some people aren’t, but so many are. So what does that leave?
For us it all started with the big update two weeks prior to release. So naturally we concluded that the issue lies in the build of the game, not our gear.

Threadriiper ,1080 ti. ssd … No stutter and I run Conan in 4k.

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Yep, no acknowledging that the game is broken. No efforts to set any form of deadline with players so we know they’re serious.

Just more new bugs along with the 1yr old bugs. The new ones are ones some people paid for too! That’s rich


A company that respect her customers would have give this DLC for FREE to compensate us for the state of game is now.
And i still dont get it and non has explained to me. If DLC is the art work only, and you pump DLCS pretty fast lately isn’t it means u have WAY more Artists than Bug fix guys? And isn’t it the devs who spend time to implement all the art to the game?


The artwork for the release version of the game was done long before it was actually released. They were most likely working on DLCs since 2017. I’m sure they are already working on DLC #4 right now. Maybe even 5

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@Tascha, not sure if the team already does, but it’d be good to have someone browse the latest mods released on Steam a couple times a day. I see just today, mods released to fix a couple of the current bugs - like the meteors breaking open, animals flying, etc…

Just a thought. No sense in a Dev recreating the wheel, if they can borrow from a modder (and nicely give credit perhaps,) that has already done the lion’s share. Crowdsourcing your bug patching…


To me this sounds like a great idea though to me, I would give an extremely special thanks and credit to the modders in my opinion as there are a lot of great mods on the workshop.

So let me see if I have this straight…modders are fixing things in the game that the devs haven’t fixed yet?
Raises eyebrow and looks directly at Funcom with a searing gaze.