You put out more DLC, but haven't fixed the game

What control? as far as i can see funcom has no idea what the hell thay are doing.


LOL, we are so lucky, that would never happen with funcom…


To me it feels like those who want these fixes now seem impatient and start thinking the developers aren’t fixing anything as that can lead to rushing of things which is never good for either side.

impatient? there are bugs from a year ago still in the game.


I know about those but saying things like the developers don’t know what they are doing isn’t going to help these bugs go away faster as i have seen what being rushed can do no offense. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Its funny how modders can fix them days after funcom puts them in game.
Some one siting in there bedroom unpayed fixing something a full team of devs havent got a clue how to fix funny that


It is also funny how sometimes these mods can add more problems as well (no offense to modders btw).


I dont think you can get more than what funcom brakes with every update sorry but thats just bs


I’ve acutally heard and seen worse no offense.

Atleast they aren’t like Ark where they have the balls to sell a 20 dollar DLC while the game still was in ALPHA


Hi Hrukk12, let me please determine what value i can give to your replies, Hrukk12, maby you are right.

How long do you play CE Hrukk12 (as you registered 3 days ago i can’t tell)?

You seem to be an insider in CE as your opinion is so clearly stated and you know the details, so im just curious.

I like the positive view, im the same minded.

Decent rigs, all having the same issue. Next thing to make sure is it isn’t a mod causing the issue, and to try playing a new map.

This will rule out mod being glitchy and a database issue. if that isn’t it, you all should take note of when it stutters and what is going on to cause it.

So what? Should we be grateful and proud that a game is being sold in precarious (and misleading) conditions by Funcom while it maintains a sacred calendar for new dlcs and there are no warranties or deadlines for this game to be fixed?

It is foolish to seek to choose a bad initiative to try to justify or redeem Funcom’s attitudes and choices. One way or another, the consumer is being neglected and harmed.

Perhaps if there was a more expensive dlc promising delivery of the game that “theoretically” should take effect on its official launch date there could be better motivation. And yes, before that inspires Funcom with “new ideas,” I’m being sarcastic.


First of all let me say that I agree that this game is broken, has a ton of bugs that are not gamebreaking but very annoying and should NOT be there for a full release game. Can you say that the game is littered in bugs? No, you cannot but there are still way too many here for a full priced release game. In my opinion, the game should NOT have been released yet in this state. It would have needed another year+ of EA until it was finished.

Now, that we got the bad part out first let me get to the good part.

The game is great. Alone when you wake up and start playing without even knowing what you do you get cast into a harsh and brutal world to fight for your survival. You learn slowly and you raise and you spend 100 to 400 hours in this game alone or with friends. It is alot of fun both ways. Just alone when you travel through from the newbie area through the deserts to the savannah. Go to the highlands and stands and look at new asgard. It is beautiful, the landscape the scale and the environment. You can see the love that Funcom has for Conan. You can see the vision at every corner that Funcom has for Conan.

Now we need to go back to the bad part again. Yes, you can see the vision that Funcom has for Conan but many of it is half-cooked and just not in the game how they envisioned it. There are many items that are useless, many that are not balanced or on par with the new patches and new ideas that they had. This all becomes painstakingly obvious when you put 300 to 400 hours into the game.

Now, does this make conan a bad game? Does this hurt Conan? NO! It does not! Conan is a good game that everyone can sink into and can enjoy! It is a finished game with all the content it would need. Bugs there may be many but none are game breaking or so many that you could say its unplayable. For your 40 euros you get a game that entertains you for 300 to 400 hours alone or with friends. And at no point you dont feel immersed into the world of Conan. Even after seeing everything and doing everything I still like to just walk through the desert at sundown and just look down at the river, linger and just enjoy the view. Funcom did their job, they delivered us something great that is at the very least in the top of the sandbox games right now.

Now, we all can agree that the DLC’s are highly overpriced but I think that Funcom just needs money. I dont think that Conan is a seller like Ark so its not like they got free money to throw around for mod sponsoring. Their dev team is probably smaller too. Game developement is not cheap and everything costs alot more in the nordic countries where they are. For them to continue working on the game I bought the Aquelionan (or so) DLC so that they can continue to do the job and make conan even better.

Right now, conan is a good to great game (depending who you ask) but with the Vision that Funcom has, 2 or so more years of developement, it will be the best damn Sandbox game there is. You heard it: They are working on ironing out the bugs, they are caring for the game but it takes just alot of more time to get there. If you, like me, want to see what Conan will be then please consider buying their DLCS because I am sure we will see the whole league of conan races starting from Stygian, nordheimer etc. To be fair, I would be totally up for a Nordheimer, Darfari and of course Cimmerian. Because conan thats why. I can see Funcom making some of them freelc while others will be dlc like aq and khitan. Just imagine building your own Darfari styled buildings and props where you can sacrifice knocked out npcs to your god just for the looks! But I am getting off topic here.


While I agree with the premise of the OPs post, I disagree that the DLC is stopping them from fixing anything as just about everything released as DLC so far was made before the game was even released so they would have DLC ready to release for more money…even the upcoming animal training was tested partially long before release and then was “removed” because “they couldnt get the bugs out”…

They released 70ish percent of the game they made and are releasing the rest as DLC and if I had known they were going this money grabbing route I would never have bought the game despite the base game being a good one. I do not own ARC for this very reason. All games with a bunch of DLCs are just money grabs. I would rather have expansions every 5ish months that actually add depth to the game along with content as it also forces the company to fix the base game.

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i think you both have a point.
you and cooperman66

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i’m confused by your post.
It can of course come down to my average english lvl. but what do you mean exactly and why are you posting the profile of this player?
don’t take it mean though, i just would like to understand.

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Not handing anything over. There is ZERO sense though, that if a modder has found the solution, a dev can’t download that mod, crack it open in the dev kit, and SEE what the modder did to fix it. Then improve it a bit if necessary, and drop it into the game. This way they spend more time improving the fix, than trying to figure it out themselves, when someone has already found the fix.

Well i first learned of the game from a friend who wanted me to get it back in 2017 of October i think as well though i was still in my fallout 4 stage and i didn’t know much about it so i declined.

Months later I found a YouTube video of the game about the purge and an anti purge base and seen some of the gameplay and i got impressed and seen more purge bases from this youtuber.

I also seen one or two series for the game from the Frozen North expansion as i didn`t want to spoil much and learn a little about the game as well which i also seen some of the bugs during it like animals spinning in place, The glowing undead only doing damage to armor, teleporting boars, etc.

I got the game i think a couple of weeks before the MOAP as i needed to get my pc updated as i knew what i was going to deal with as i got it at full price.

I also only used the immersive and couple of other mods for more things to add to my buildings as i wanted to experience the game as much as i could even the bugs and i enjoyed it. When i learned of the vacation i seen how some posters were reacting and I was happy to learn about some of the laws in Norway as well. When they released the MOAP i didn`t log onto the game till after the release of the dev kit and the hotfixes as when i got on i didn’t lose anything ironically for some reason and some of the bugs were toned down or in a less worse state for some reason. So i kept having fun as usual and i also seen what happened with the first DLC.

I only made an account after the recent release of the new dlc as i wanted to add my voice in and share my experiences as well as me i really wanted to help out with the community the best i can as well. I also got the complete Chronicles of Conan as well to immerse myself more into the lore.

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Thanks as i think both @cooperman66 and me both hold good points as well.