You Shouldn't Need A Saddle To Ride A Horse

Why should I be forced to waste points to create a saddle station to build one just to ride a horse?

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Because feat points are unlimited? so not really a waste

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Not mention, you can craft a few, then yellow potion and get all them back. =3

There a few fragments of power to find easy to that have little to no risk getting. (the 30% spawn isnt to bad ether)

Personally, I’d like to be able to ride my horse b.a.r.e.b.a.c.k …
in the correct riding position of course.
(You know, close to the shoulders).

*can’t believe that was censored, but I know why. (and they use to have a “sexiles” mod … not that I would use that trash).

It took months of research from FUncom just to figure out you can eat and drink on a horse.

As a teen my girlfriend had 6 horses, we did EVERYTHING on them.

I never rode the horse bare back.

Realize that in real life that ridding bare back would hurt the horse spine and result in bad outcome to were a saddle would both make it comfortable for you and the horse and bare back would how you say mess up your crocheted and would be painful as I raise horses and cows and chickens and goats and ducks and rabbits and cat and dog and pigs isn’t the wonderful

Mrs, Mrs Jones rides her pet piggie bare back, I guess that does not count.

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I think… make saddles make-able at lv16, (1 after stables) instead of lv20. (my exp setting are at 50%) so there abit of gap between having a horse… and saddle. I can’t really see it being a issue on default exp settings. (specifically since i takes 4-6 hour to turn a horse. )

u really mean EVERYTHING? XD

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Saddles are a cool part of crafting and progression, I see no reason to remove their necessity.

However, if bearback riding could be added in a way that doesn’t detract from saddles… that would be cool. For example, if you could mount and ride bearback but couldn’t sprint without a saddle.

Or if you want to keep with real life logic (in real life horses need a lot of training to respond to bearback riding) then it could be a rare skill they have a chance to learn.

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