Your Chosen of Asura for August 2019!

Hello Exiles,

It has been very humbling to see how passionate many of you are and how much you care for Conan Exiles to improve and evolve. Many of you have been constantly posting suggestions, detailed reports and repro steps for issues that made our lives easier to improve on the game and fix issues more efficiently.

Some of you are even going out of your way to inform and help players on all other platforms such as reddit, social media and steam on top of the official forums. This dedication and passion do not go unnoticed and as you might know by now, we would like to give something special back in return.

"The Chosen of Asura" .

This title and its benefits get awarded every other month to a community member who went above and beyond to not only help us with input, feedback and reports but who is also a respectful, positive and helpful source to their fellow Conan Exiles players.

This shining beacon of our community will receive a special title, a special icon added to their forum avatar and all current and future Conan Exiles DLCs for free.

Additionally, they will get their own dedicated Tier 4 named NPC which has a rare chance of spawning wherever another specific Tier 3 npc would normally spawn. We are also expanding on this: With one of the next updates, there will be a specific area for you to discover, to have a bigger chance for these NPCs to spawn. As a special treat, these NPCs will also drop unique armor.

Special recognition items recap:

  • Forum Title: "Chosen of Asura"
  • Special Avatar icon addition
  • Free Lifetime Conan Exiles DLCs
  • Rare, named, in game NPC with Anagram of chosen player name that drops a unique type of Armor

An active and constructive member of our community, always happy to help other players and the team wherever needed. A common face in the consoles and suggestions boards who always contributes to make everyone feel welcome in our community. Their suggestions are also very much appreciated and generate a lot of discussion and fun moments. Their only weakness? He can’t say “Ni”!

For these reasons, we are very excited to have this player be part of our community and to award our fifth “Chosen of Asura” Award of August 2019 to:

:boom: Croms_Faithful :boom:

Their in-game NPC name will be: Corms the Faithful

Congratulations and thank you so very much for being part of our community. @Croms_Faithful please reach out to any member of the Community Team to make sure we can get all your rewards sorted. :heart:

Past Chosen of Asura Community Members:

  • June 2019: Vattende
  • April 2019: SirBowen
  • February 2019: TheLOLxd2
  • December 2018: Multigun