Your cough syrup gave my thralls brain freeze

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: | Bug |
Region: official oceanic pve

Since the last update my artisan thralls seem to be having frequent Absence Seizures. Whenever I pass through my workshop I notice at least a few of the artisans frozen in time lol. My blacksmith had his hammer held above his head for who knows how long. This has to be painful poor guy :pensive: my carpenter keeps standing on the wrong side of the bench on an extended lunch break, my cooks tend to just stand up and stare into space. Not sure what sort of Cough Syrup you guys gave out but it’s having some side effects. Taking them out and re-placing them seems to temporarily fix this but it’s not long before they return to their life pondering ways.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place an artisan thrall
  2. Pop in from time to time to check progress
  3. Consider a pay reduction for frequently distracted lazy workers.

I’m pretty sure this graphical glitch was happening before the cough syrup was distributed. Probably from the previous big patch.

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Oh Ok I have only noticed it since the last one but I may not have been paying much attention.

Hey @Darkzombie, this is an older issue that’s unrelated to the sound effects fix, but we’re aware of it and it’s being looked into!

Everything is quite but the yeti still makes noises growling occasionally

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