Your in-game setup

I’m super curious how other people organize their game since it usually gives best idea to make my own game more comfortable.

Like, while I use default attack buttons (q12e+mouse) I changed quick items to F1/2/3 (iirc those are used by healers that’s not the case for me), I moved vanity mode from V to ] (never mis-tap it during fights now). Also my mouse has some extra-buttons that I’m still thinking how’d better to use - aside that one replacing wheel to dodge. Guess that’s it for me for now. Need to test if q23e would be any better. :thinking:

Then, in-game GUI.


I saw people having missions items stick in corner like this which seems like good idea. I saw someone did long row with them along screen and moved missions to left but I hate text align when they are on left, too annoying to look at it constantly. Target cast location is questionable. :thinking: Also love top bar additions that, hmm, are from meeehr’s pack mode iirc. Chat is only for reading, need to drag it out there when I need to write 'cause can’t see a thing like this.
…I also use mod for agents window but that’s other story I guess, nothing to change with your own hands. :thisisfine:

Would love to hear from people how you fixed things that you didn’t like in default gui/keys.


I move potions to shift-4 (from tab) and friendly target to tab (from… shift tab?) to unify shift as being only for that quick item set.
I also switched from q12e to 1234 because I like having turn keys on qe.
One of my extra mouse buttons has auto-sprint on it. I think that’s it for control remapping.

I have target cast dead center at max size, and 2 chat windows - bottom right is user chat (general, group, say, etc.), bottom left is loot/tells. I move the hp bars up to above the ability bar instead of beside it so the chat can be wider.

(from… shift tab?)

I think it’s shift+tab for steam overlay and ctrl+tab for target? :thinking: May be different for stand-alone clients I guess. I don’t need this often and usually mix them up. It’s good idea to switch it to something I can easy remember at least lol.

With chats I have two fighting points, one of which is that I hate game being covered with too much of gui and windows and other is that there were few times where I missed tells that I’d prefer to see. Would be nice if we could move chat window to other screen. :upside_down_face:

I have my screen setup in almost the same way! I like having the main area clear as possible, so I don’t pin any inventory pages, but most the same kind of thing you have here: map in the upper right, abilities, chat and health down below.

I have pretty much everything set to default, apart from all my abilities on my mouse. My GUI is mostly default as well, but with the ability and health bar moved up higher so I can see it easier (my monitor is slightly taller than usual aspect ratio, so it makes it more comfortable)

I’m not big on changing control layouts too much, because when I am just starting a game I get used to the defaults.

Let me think what I did change.
I put one ability from 2 to 3 since the space between 1 and 2 was a bit tight. Else most is keeping the UI tidy. Like having 4 diffrent chat windows grouped up and bazillion bags, having castbars in the middle of the screen.