Zabweth on Siptah?

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Hello fellow Exiles,

has anyone found Zabweth on the Isle of Siptah yet?
She is summonable via the admin panel in solo player, listed as “Black_Corsairs_Fighter_Boss_Zabweth” but so far i couldnt get any information on where to find her on the map. I would like to get her shield for farming purposes.

Have a great day :slight_smile:


Yes sir, an uncommon spawn at the Ashen Core


Thanks for the fast reply :heart::heart::heart:

Little further, I’ve cleared Ashen Core over 50 times easily and encountered Zabweth probably 3 times. Zabweth does seem to drop the shield every time though.


also N’ruka can be found a bit lower where zawbeth spawns… zawbeth drops the shield and n’ruka drops the sword…


Can you confirm if it’s the same spawn point? Genuinely haven’t run that camp in a hot minute. I only recall Zabweth spawns there.

I know n’ruku spawns at the first platform, couldn’t tell you if Zabweth shares that same spawn. Definitely much less common

no nruka spawns on 1st platform and zawbeth spawns on next one along with 2 more npcs

Gracias, just trying to give Zod a little more guidance. It’s been a bit since I ran that camp and I go in like a buzz saw


I can confirm its not a guaranteed drop each time but its drop rate is not super low

You guys are awesome, thank you very much :slight_smile:
Maybe we could update the wiki with those informations.
I will test my luck now :four_leaf_clover:

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