Zamorean armor heat rating

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Armor says heat rating of 3 but was over heating in the volcano. Stuck in heatstrok. Had to go to armor heat rated to 1 and was fine nead to fix this. Thought the higher the rating the better.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.put zamorean armor on
2.go to volcano
3.walk around
4.get heatstrok

Yeah, you are wearing the wrong armor to the volcano. Zamorean is anti-cold set. It is supposed to overheat you.

Im sorry I ment Lemurian does not have cold symbal, it has sun symbal meaning its The queen armor has cold symbal. They need to change symbal to the correct one. When choosing armor for area I’m going too I look at the heat and cold rating.
Then choose appropriately from there.

Ok you got a point

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Was just a glitch today it is showing correctly.