Zedds PvE Conflict PS4 24/7

I don’t know about you, but I’m having a blast playing Conan. Sadly, day one I joined a PvP conflict server. My friends and I quickly established a large PvE base and established our PvP prowess. Then Funcom changed our server to full PvP and the entire server took the opportunity to raid us and blew everything to smitherines. Thanks Funcom!

Anyway, I rented a PC server for PS4 for myself and anyone else that cares to join. Maybe you had a similar experience. Maybe you work for a living or have a family and your game time is precious, we’re all in the same boat and don’t want to worry about our beautifully crafted bases destroyed and time wasted.

The server is all official server settings, but 2x gather rate. No rules, just use common sense. You do not need to contribute to server funds to play, donations are appreciated, but not necessary. We will keep the server running regardless.

Just search Zedd under the internet tab of your server browser, it’s the only one you’ll find. No password. 40 player cap, currently only a handful of regulars.

Feel free to add my PSN, Zedd218.

See you on the battlefield!

Edit: The server is located US East. Admins are pretty much available 24/7.

Which region do you play?

Server is located US East


Still looking for more people!

There are several bases in the works, plenty of good places left to build and admins are pretty much available 24/7!

Events coming soon…

I am joining myself. I am just curious how long do you plan on keeping the server up as a minimum? or no certain plans on a set amount of time?

Prepaid six months and will continue to do so as long as there is a little interest from the community.

sounds good to me, I will have my brother join as well

Only issue i have seen a few times is the server kicks you shows 40/40 when before it kicked it was 4/40 with a ping of 9999
Nothing a restart can’t fix i guess

Yes, been having issues since this last update. I apologize, I submitted a ticket to have it looked into.


Servers running great thanks to the folks at g-portal!

There is still plenty of room for new comers! On average there are about 5-10 players online, would love to see it full at 40!


Starting to develop a handful of regulars! Would like to get a lot more people on board!

A gladiator arena is in the works for PvP events. Also considering a crazy climber event and possibly some mazes! We’re always open to suggestions.

Look us up through the server browser, Zedds House of Boob!

Gonna keep on bumping!

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