Zendesk is working, please report. (instructions inside)


Zendesk is working very well right now, and is fast.

For PVP servers, please report for example :

  • large areas covered with foundations or vaulths (foundations/vaulths spam).
  • too massive bases, for example 1 square of the map (N5).
  • placing foundations only to prevent others players to build, for example spamming foundations in a cave without building there.
  • cheats / hacks / exploit if you can.

Include for example :

  • Server ****, clan ****, N5, walling off an entire square of the map, building spam, …
  • screenshots (F12) of : the server (ESC), the map at this location, the name of the clan (with a hammer), and fews screenshots of the map.

It will help cleanning officials servers :slight_smile:



Zendesk has always worked, the problem here has simply been the fact that in certain countries the accounts are very cheap (around 2 euros or less) and cheaters have 10-20

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