Zero damage to pets?

I was playing in a PVE server where it was impossible to harm pets. This change generated in me a new addiction for the game and the search for pets (btw).
But now I want to play in single player and I do not get zero harm to pets. What am I doing wrong? How can I set my single player game to make 0 dmg to pets?

It seems to me that you have to change ā€œDamage to buildingsā€ in server settings.

I mean that I was not able to damage the petsā€¦ for example in a fight against a king, then having a pet was very cool, the pet only got DMG from the king, not from me, and that was awesome

I dont understand what the buildings have to do with this

I think setting your singleplayer to PVE instead of PVP (default) should do the trick, same settings or similar to the server you played.

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Thralls and pets will never take damage if building damage is completely turned off.
This was probably done because of griefers and trolls otherwise killing other peoples anti purge defenseā€¦


pretty annoying trying to kill them.