Zingaran curved wall issue

The new Zingaran camp curved wall doesn’t let you build foundations or ceiling pieces in it’s inner corner. How can there be something wrong with the building pieces almost every time you release them? Then it takes years for you to fix some of them. Just send me the set before release and i’ll point out the issues in 30 minutes for chirst’s sake.

And a bit more detailed explanation in case you didn’t get it. When you start the building by placing the camp walls first so that they are on the terrain instead of on foundations, it looks nicer and more natural than building the walls on foundations since the corners stick out from underneath and they look just horrible. But if you do start by building the walls first you can’t complete the floor inside since the corners block foundations and ceiling pieces. Also building the floor first doesn’t work, then you can’t place the curved wall.

Well, at least you tried…


sounds to me like the aesir walls

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