Ziplines.....with exploits considered

With the Battle Flags for PVE being instituted, it made me think of something better than grappling hooks…zip lines.

  1. Must be able to plant the Zip line like a Bomb. This would be the “Anchor”.
  2. It would have 25000 HP like a door.
  3. To create the zip line, you would have to interact with the anchor and arm it to a bow.
  4. Shoot the Bow to another area no more than 32 foundations away.
  5. If the anchor is higher than the other end, then counter weights are needed to bring players up (think dumb waiter).
  6. If the other side is higher, then player can slide down it.
  7. The trajectory from anchor dictates how much counter weight for zipline. Can use climbing function without the counter weight, but the steeper the incline o zipline, the faster the stamina usage.
  8. Durability similar to trebs, in that the more you use it, the quicker it breaks. Maybe use a timer, as if a player is on it, then timer counts down. 10 minutes???
    I think this makes it less offline raid exploitable, as one would still have to get in to plant the anchor. And to truly use it quickly, would have to set it up with the bow shot above it.

Your post makes me upset. Like when they introduced flying into call of duty.

Your idea not bad but it would not fit into the conan themed world… but neither does teleporting with obelisks… hell with it give us zip lines!!!

I like that idea better than i actually meant. Place the anchor, then aim the second part and shoot it from there.

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