Zoara of the Marshes

Our clan has been farming Sep for over a month and hours on end and she is still yet to spawn. I know I read they reworked the city. I have also seen other post about people looking for her. Has something happen to her spawn. Is there away to see if there is and if it can be fixed.
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Hey @JCF

Zoara can be a difficult one to find. Your clan has probably not been favored by the RNG gods. However, just in case, we’ll send note to our team to see if there might be an issue with the spawn table.
Thanks for the feedback.

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I haven’t seen any armourers spawn in Sepermeru within the last couple of weeks.

Got everything else (sometimes in multitudes!) but no armourers.

Had the same thing in The Den, everything but armourers.

I’ve gotten 2 Zoara of the Marshes in the past 3 weeks. One was 2 days ago, in Seppermeru in the temple district. My tribemate got the other one, so I’m not sure if she was in the same spot… but she is there, occasionally.


You should not leave the area while farming… Not that someone else steals her from you.

Kill the fix armorer spot at the temple district. The 2 spots when coming down from the temple district, then the 2 infront of the little island where the Lone Fisherman can spawn (next to the wine cellar entry).

Then run further and check the street where Razma of Shem has her house (you could also try killing the 2 spots next to the Bandits, but the bandits are annoying).

NEVER kill the spawns for the fix carpenter, blacksmiths or alchemist (if you dont need them). Only kill the fixed armorer spots and the others where everything can spawn.
Rinse and repeat. And >2hours/each for probably a week and you should have it.

Or you just wait for RNG and only check the city from time to time :smiley:


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