Zombie thralls ceasing to exist (not invisible)

We have a private server. We used to have the invisible zombie bug, but now our zombie thralls cease to exist. They no longer show up on the follower list. They are no longer present where we set them to guard. Our server does not have a population cap for thralls, and none of our other thralls are ceasing to exist. Also, we are fairly certian the zombies weren’t killed by anything since they were in a secure spot.

I think, they should, like other “summoned” creatures (demonic) they disappear over time… They are corpses, and decay…


All summoned creatures in 3.0 are temporary.

But, it seems our zombies, on our private server are eternal… lol maybe related to the decay system… we turned it off… But the “demons” tends to go away…

Summoned zombies last 2-3 days (real time) but they are still temporary.


Then, we have a bug on the server… we still have them after many weeks…

Let me guess the “age” of your server is 0?

Idk, what do you mean?

in the server browser, I guess, your server displays an “age” of 0 (zero).

I will look into it, thank you :slight_smile:

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