Zoning system and other things

It could be real handy. Many tycoon games have it to make lives a bit easier. I know this isn’t a tycoon game but it is quite similar in regards to thralls and base building.

Since settlement system was slashed by the devs, why not a zoning system to keep certain thralls in that zone and disallow them from breaking ranks, or even create a pathing zone to have thralls move around, as if patrolling, like say a lengthy wall for example?

This would make the base seem more alive than an immobile object.

Also add some musician thralls that play instruments… my dancers are dancing silently and it looks awkward as hell.

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Definitely, I hope they flesh out the ‘settlement’ system in more ways in the future. This was one of the biggest reasons why many people had such an interested in the game. It would also give a lot of a longer life for the game, as people build and improve their settlements over time.

I hope they add a time scheduling system, where you set what hours different castes work during, or even what kinds of food they eat.

It actually has a great potential to turn into a Tycoon game, and that was part of the original vision. Harvesting thralls to gather stone, ore, and wood for you, as well as to farm. Currently, that sort of gameplay has to be done by players instead.

Settlement system isn’t actually slashed — it just had to be left behind in order to make release. Now that we’ve made release, anything is possible.

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I see. Here is to hoping. Also having thralls to do work of gathering things for you actually sounds so good right now.