(ZZGRP) Tabula Rasa (AOC) RP Server Launch Dec 1st @12:00 EST

Welcome Exiles

“They trapped the Lion on Shamu’s plain; They weighted his limbs with an iron chain; They cried aloud in the trumpet-blast, They cried, “The lion is caged at last!” Woe to the Cities of river and plain If ever the Lion stalks again! —Old Ballad.”

― Robert E. Howard, [Conan: The Definitive Collection]

Server History

ZZGRP has been around for years, we have been hosting several different survival games, And Conan exiles is no different. We strive to make this a better RP place with a splash of pvp if needed. We have a great community and hope to see you all with us soon.

Server Info

  • XP rate 3x
  • Harvest rate 3x
  • Target lock disabled
  • ½ crafting speeds
  • RP friendly
  • Kits
  • Clan size limit of 13
  • Thrall Limits
  • Decent Decay timers
  • Quest
  • Hand Made Dungeons
  • RP Intensive

Server Specs

ZZGRP owns its equipment we do not rent nor do we ever plan to. Our servers will be here for ever.

  • I7-8700k
  • 32gigs of DDR4 ram
  • Fiber Dedicated 1000D/1000U Business Grade
  • DDOS Protection
  • SSD M.2 NVM HDD’s
  • Dedicated Server on Windows 2019 Datacenter

Server Mods

These are all based of what we find ness for a great RP Experience.

That’s it for now if the people ask for more we will look into it and adjust as needed

ZZGRP website:

Discord Server


Server Name: (ZZGRP) Tabula Rasa (AOC) RP

Server IP

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Looking good

We hope to see you there :slight_smile:

cant wait to see you all 11 more days

Tabula Rasa


Cool game

12 hours to go… I need more coffee