Avoid buying CE if you are not looking for a potentially broken, partially incomplete and unpredictable game in the technical aspect. Protect your money, time and patience from this digital trap! :kissing_heart:

Oh yeah, and remember, Official Servers are not moderated from Funcom. Too bad if you encounter cheaters, griefers or other type of crappy players in unfair mode (except - maybe - in extreme cases). Do not worry, soon another great DLC will come and everything will be better in the future. I hope. :money_mouth_face:

Survive (in this technical and incomplete mess). Build (praying for Crom to make everything work properly). Dominate (your anger, frustration and disappointment with this game). :star_struck:

As Bethesda meme with a small variation: “it just work, until it dont.” Or “it just work, if you have hope and patience.” :lying_face:

Kidding aside, my honest opinion of the game remains the same. Yes, it has potential and can be fun under acceptable conditions, but it is vital that BEFORE it provides a stable and satisfying gaming experience. It is convenient to argue that these problems require time and patience on the part of the consumer while the dlcs have a sacred agenda. This is suspicious and unethical because in practice this suggests that Funcom is free and have the right to not deal with deadlines and results in delivering the “right” product while the developer profits in questionable circumstances (including the actual sale of the game in the current stage in which it is).

Well, I did not experience an “appropriate” gaming experience (and Funcom knew that from the outset this would cause concrete problems among part of the audience and even then decided to sell the game on multiple platforms). Cause and effect. I did not buy a game to bet on its “fix” in the long term future. I have lost much of my trust and tolerance at Funcom for its decisions and the advancement of time and it seems that these technical problems are part of the CE “tradition”. Honestly, I do not have to be conniving/complacent/condescending to that, nor do I have to adapt to an “unfinished” game.

Therefore, I adopted a more skeptical and critical attitude towards Funcom. I consider this a natural (and predictable) consequence of my bitter contact with the work of this developer.

“One day” it is possible that CE will come out of its long beta phase and all players will finally have access to a satisfactory and stable experience, but first it is important that this happens in fact. And remember this is in everybody’s interest, although the priority of some involves getting irresponsible expansions and dlcs. The consumer has the legitimate power ($) to encourage or protest against certain initiatives and behaviors in the market. Exercise your critical sense.

Oh, and long and prosperous life for CDPR and Cyberpunk 2077!