Hello everybody, Barnes here, happy to help! You may know me from Steam.

I play Conan Exiles on the PC and PS4, and administer several servers on each platform. One of my professional specialties is hunting exploits, and I am grateful for this community’s ability to crush so many that I can actually enjoy this amazing game. I play Live and TestLive avidly, PvP Official or Private server.

My channel, Barnes Guides is a free resource available to players and casual viewers alike. Hope to see you over there!

My professional background is in multiple disciplines. My immediate prior work in video gaming was as an exploit hunter for GTA5 Online, and previously as a guide-maker for legit (non-exploitative) gameplay, fighting and racing in GTA5.

I have been a professional and tournament video gamer since 1990, beginning when I won a Sega Genesis in a tournament, which at that point was a vast upgrade over my Master System. My wife and I have been married for almost 20 years, and together we run an animal rescue and rehab from our small ranch.

CHARACTER CREATOR by @hqz: Roll your own Best Barbarian Ever.

  1. LandClaim claims an area in an infinite column vertically.
    So if you claimed the ground, you also claimed the cloud above it.
  2. You should see some .log files with names containing something to the effect of ServerCommandLog. Those log files contain a history of server commands and who used 'em.
  3. The definitive Thrall Reference, in easy-to-swallow Google format, by @WhatMightHaveBeen
  4. Map
  5. [T]here is no PC Collector’s Edition for the US as we are not releasing PC retail there. It is available for the US on PS4 and Xbox.
  6. [B]ows are meant to be a sidearm: something that can help you do some additional damage, but sooner or later you’ll need to pull out a melee weapon.
  7. Thrall Re-Pocketing Definitive Answer from @Jens_Erik
    Q: Once we have placed a pet in the world to follow us … can we later pick him/her up to return them to our inventory and then to the cage?
    A: No. Once you choose to pull an animal out of your pen it can’t be put back into it. Like the thralls, your pets will have inventories, which means you can’t return them back to your inventory after you’ve placed them.