Hello, fellow horror and RPG enthusiasts. I didn’t realize there was a cap on profile info, I had to re-edit what I initially wanted to say. I suppose there’s nothing that couldn’t be found out over-time. My dad once told me good advice on getting to know people, always leave them wanting more (of course, as well-meaning as some fathers are, at the same time, not everything applies the same for women)…though, I am starting to think he had a few gems stashed away under the life advice column. Still, I’ve always had my own ideas, true free-thinkers these days are honestly a novelty I think. The hardest part of living is finding your own voice I think.

Speaking of voice, music and literature are two of my biggest hobbies, other than being a big mystery game enthusiast. I used to be in a few choirs back in the day. Sometimes I really miss it. I sometimes miss being in school as well. Though I neve liked dead-lines, but then again who does? Family and work-life are never easy, sometimes it is easy to miss the carefree days of youth, but someone has to be the responsible one (or try to be). I am a single mother, but still in my 30’s, so I’m like an old-school gamer who still remembers D &D, Nintendo and Sega, but I have enjoyed seeing the progression.

Fun fact, I still remember when characters were largely all male-oriented, a mostly true story LOL. I remember a time when I had no choice put to play as a male. I’m a little glad we moved to more inclusive roles. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not for extremes on anything, whether that’s politics or religion. I do believe it’s important for people to find their own path, but don’t believe everything you hear,read, or watch on the news channels. Most of those rags have become nothing more than theater anyway, you are in fact better off just going to a play to enrich your mind, than believe the lies people would feed to you.

So far, my favorite secret world character is probably Sam Krieg. I guess I could sort of identify with him, even though he’s male and older than me. He reminded me of a darker Tn Williams honestly, well if he would have written horror novels I suppose. But I’m only 3 zones in so maybe I’ll find another character or story to identify with. The Wabanaki story line was interesting (but where is Wes Studi when you need a strong Native voice).Some of my lineage is a mix of Cherokee & Blackfoot, it’s kind of far removed, great-great grandmothers I think (weird thing is I don’t think Blackfoot was common in our area, but I have seen pictures of them, so I know they existed).

I don’t like to give too many particulars until I really get to know someone well. All you really need to know about me is that I always try my best.