#1 Official PVP Server - Vanilla, NoCheaters (g-portal.com) /// fresh wipe today 12.29.2020

Private Official Server launch 29.12.2020

Hello fellow Exiles,

Are you fed up with hackers, undermeshers, full attribute players and constant crashes on officials servers but still enjoy the feeling of the vanilla settings of an official server? Have you had your fill of playing private servers with admins that abuse their power the second they feel threatened?

Official Private Server Oasis (PC/EU) is a brand new server with all the freedom and features of an official server but with active admins that will prevent hacking or extensive exploiting on the server.

If that’s the case this might very well be the server you were looking for. We know firsthand how it feels to play for a week or more just to get wiped either by hackers/exploiters or abusive admins that can’t handle beeing outclassed. Therefore we got together with a team of active admins that will keep the server clean but wont play the server themselves. The server may get wiped depending on future public opinon via discord.

If you have any questions or encountered an issue feel free to contact the admins on our discord server: https://discord.gg/xUez2bGxaj

Server ip: - #1 Official PVP Server - Vanilla, NoCheaters

Server features:

  • 50 slots

  • 1x Harvest/ 1x Exp

  • Pvp 24/7 – Raiding Monday – Sunday 6pm – 11pm

  • 10x clan limit


  • No undermeshing

  • Abusing the full attribute exploits and all forms of hacking will result in a ban

  • Don’t block obelisks or important ressources (like the brimstone lake)