[#1005 PvE EU Official] 9999 Ping @ 23:59 pm CET

Greetings there,

I was just using the Obelisk to Sepermeru at 23:59 pm CET, it looks like the Server Crashed by that or it has been a super coincidence. I had my new Dalinsia Snowhunter Thrall with me as well as a new Horse.

Server Ping 9999 after/while teleportation to Sepermeru. Please reboot the Server #1005 PvE EU Official.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Server is back up, thank you. Thread can be deleted/closed. Until next time folks! GG.

Hi @N3tRunn3r

Please make sure you reach out to our team over on Zendesk so they can look into this further.
You can read more about how to submit a ticket here: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures