12 month patron bundle - what about lifetime subscribers?


There is already a topic on this. Might wanna go there instead of having two discussions =). The tone in the other unfortunately already have some less constructive voices, but a double topic just generate double posts =x.

Hope we can get a version of the bundle, that is more fit for the grandmasters eventually, in addition to the one with patron time. Grandmaster was technically bought for TSW and not SWL, but since they let it transfere, it would be a shame to exclude the Grandmaster group.

That said its very unlikely something they can just do, right now. It would be something they have to discuss and agree on, before they can even start setting it up on the code end of things.


The difference is that topic is in general discussion - a place for players to talk about things (which I personally have no interest in doing, see below) - and this one’s in support - ie, the place dedicated to putting stuff to customer support.

I don’t want an argument on what is or is not players being greedy, or what is good or bad about Funcom’s choices, which seems like the inevitable result of an open discussion on the topic. That’s not productive or helpful. I just want to put the suggestion to Funcom.

If other people want to add their support to the idea, that’s cool. If people want to talk about it in great detail, well there’s another thread for that.


Not sure CS is the place to send such a suggestion. It isn’t really their field of work. But i would definitely post it in the Feedback and Suggestions thread if it was intended as a suggestion =). That thread is also not supposed to be used for discussing Suggestions, just make them. Although people will discuss stuff once in a while.


Merged two topics with similar discussions.


That doesn’t make any sense. I don’t even play the game anymore and I don’t really care enough to be greedy about those items.

But looking at this situation from the outside I still think it’s a stupid move. And greedy. I would not strike me as surprising if they are actually counting on lifetime sub people wanting these items enough to shell out the full price for way less. In the short term, it’s a nice business strategy. In the long term, not so much…


Speaking as a lifetimer: I’d pay for the cosmetics, sprint, and gadget. Twenty without thinking about it; forty would be my upper limit, since I can afford it. But I’m not going to put out a hundred bucks for the whole thing unless I can donate the Patron months to somebody who could actually use it.


Yeah because you’ve not had many times that amount in value from the lifetime sub already or anything. :v:


Yes, lifetime sub is very valuable, which is why “trading it in” or “cashing it out” is an absurd proposition. My joke was to illustrate that.

On another note, giving promo stuff to people who already bought part of the promo bundle has a precedent in TSW history too. Tank operator garb was given for free to people who already bought all parts of Tokyo by the time Tokyo Bundle was released.


Weird, the post I saw was just you being entitled - must be something wrong with the forum software. :v:

Lifetime sub for TSW has more than paid for itself at this point and carrying it over to SWL was incredibly generous, all things considered. What’s absurd is the idea that a free tenner a month in perpetuity is somehow shortchanging people.


We lifetimers have the same choice as everybody else; the value proposition is just skewed at the other end of the transaction :stuck_out_tongue:

I look at it more as I got 80-90% of the value of the pack already, for nothing extra. At ~£100 I’ll have to live without the pretties, unless I develop a blowhole and a fear of harpoons :slight_smile:



I can understand the need to bring in more cash for SWL, that’s not a problem. But this situation reminds me of the Third Age bundle that came out the year before SWL was announced. You had to buy a year subscription to get all the things, and once you reached the 12th month of the sub, or paid for the 12th month of the sub, you’d get the rest of bundle. Or something like that. BUT… if you were a GM, You’d get all the things immediately!

Once I saw the popup as I logged in today, that’s what I was hoping, if I was a GM (which I am) I should get the items! “Oh! I got stuff in my delivered items! Neeat! That must be it!”
NOPE! Was just the Valentinus bag. sigh Then I checked here and found this thread and am not surprised that the GM’s don’t get it for free, and truth to tell, I’m not that peeved about that. It’s fine by me. What I AM dissappointed in, is that there is no option for us GM’s to buy the cosmetics for $20-$30 worth of Aurum. I’m more than willing to do that! Should be an offer that is only available to current GM’s And helps with the cash influx that I’m sure will help produce SWL content. (right…?)

So yeah… I can understand that this is going to be a hot topic. I’m sure Funcom knew it would be as well, and have standing orders to not discuss it until they can figure out a path forward. PLEASE! If you are reading this, use my suggestion! I have no problem giving you money! I just expect to get something of value to me out of it. But $100 for an outfit (and a sprint) does not make a good value to me. And I’d hazard a guess, a number of other GM’s as well.

Thank you.

((This was not how I wanted to return to the forums…))


Wow,would have liked that mount …but sadly I chose to give Funcom lots of money early on…wont be doing that mistake ever again :confused:


Lifetime subs have gotten their worth multiple times over. Your time’s done, gotta move on.


“Lifetime subs have gotten their worth multiple times over. Your time’s done, gotta move on.”

I do not think any lifetime subbers has asked to get the items free, most of us are asking if we could get separate bundle which would only have the cosmetics with a price of 20-25€ (similar price to Morninglight pack for example). Think it this way; would you personally pay 100€ if the bundle would not include 1 year sub? I think you would not, and neither is most of the lifetime subbers no matter how much we would like to have the cosmetic items D:


It surprises me when people make assumptions based on the title of the topic without actually reading anything. Even the OP basically states that the value is unreasonable for lifetime subs but says nothing about getting anything for free. Some people are just salty they never had the chance to get a lifetime subscription.


Think of it this way: you’d be paying the extra 75-80€ to make up for some of the money your lifetime sub has cost the game. :v:


Pretty sure lifetime subs are 90% of the reason the games still alive.


Not sure how you’re working that one out given that the game the lifetime subs were for is dead but ok, sure. :v:


Ah sorry for the confusion. I was referring to SWL not TSW.


if I hadn’t bought GM I would have been free to play the entire time and spent $0 instead of $200. I don’t do monthly subs.