12 month patron bundle - what about lifetime subscribers?

Topic says it all. Do lifetime subs get this extra shiny stuff or are one expected to shell out €100 just like eveyone else for only a tiny part of the bundle?


Lifetimers currently have to pay the same price as everyone else if they want to get the stuff.

They adapted this strategy from Anarchy Online. Every christmas, Funcom offers a new set of cosmetic leveling armor (shiny and time limited) bundled with a year of subscription and in past years even some bonus months. These months added up quickly, my old org leader had about 4 years in left over sub time when he finally gave up on Funcom in 2012 over multiboxing in PvP.

And of course there’s no way to get these cosmetics without the 12 months in AO too.

Setting aside that I’m not personally upset with the promo/bundle/deal, I still understand there is a difference between “this is more months of subscription than I ever want to use” and “I already have an infinite amount of subscription so this isn’t adding anything to it”.


I really want the cosmetics myself and think it’s a bit odd Lifetimers are left out of this equation. $100 for just those cosmetics is a bit much…I mean, if the money went straight to SWL I’d be less hesitant but since they keep moving that money to other projects I’m not sure I want to pay that much, you know?

But either way, hopefully they think of something for us because I’d really like to buy the cosmetics, even if it’s only lowered to $50 or something.


I’m a bit peeved about this situation too. Reminds me of how “white panoptic/unity core” uniform from complete edition (can’t remember the exact name now) was handled. People who already bought all DLCs had to buy full edition again for that cosmetic piece.


Maybe later on (and from this time forward) the Devs could offer us GM subs an alternate version of the goodies at a fair price. The whole selling point of the original GM accounts in TSW was you got the Patron goodies as soon as they were available along with the Lifetime sub.


Yup, just as started to consider authorizing PayPal payment to SWL, Funcom lives up to the first two letters of their name. Guess what? I can live without the cosmetics, Conan Exiles are going to live without my 100 Euros (beucause, as pointed out above, none of that money would have gone to SWL).


Fixed that for you:

"Lifetimers currently have to pay the same price as everyone else if they want to get way less than everyone else."

Nice way to treat loyal players, this corporate greed knows no bounds. :slight_smile:

Not that it matters to me, I was just curious.


currently is the important word. That doesn’t exclude the chance for change.
People are always a little fast on assuming greed behind everything.

You may need to think about the word “greed” and how it can be applied to people. Is it best applied to a company offering a discounted subscription with some freebies thrown in. Or is it better applied to people who see others buying new toys only to demand that they should be given those same toys for free.

Personally I wouldn’t use the word greed in either case, but if I was pressed it would be very clear that one group is displaying much more greed than the other.

(Not a patron or a grandmaster here, just to be clear)

That seems like it is really ignoring the actual arguments being made. Has anyone actually asked to get the cosmetics for free? All I’ve seen is people asking to buy them for a price that isn’t inflated by a year of patron(which really is what most non-GMs buying this would be spending the money for).

I’d kinda like to be able to buy the cosmetics without any patron myself, personally. I really dislike the coupling of paid cosmetics and paid power boosts in this game, making it hard to get many of the former without the latter. I can totally understand it being a perk for people buying the patronage, though.


Remembering the same conversation around grandmasters wanting the zenith core, I suspect you’re going to be out of luck.

It says that bundle is available “for a limited time”. But how much is it? Do I have only 1 more day to buy it or this bundle will be available for next few months? Any info about this?

When asked on discord the reply was “TBD”. So yet to be decided from Funcoms side. I doubt you only have 1 more day, and Andy will likely give warning before they take it down.


If anything other than greed then explain this to me:

Mythic agent gear reward bag: 250 hexcoins.
Legendary agent gear reward bag: 500 hexcoins.

Hexcoins translate directly to Aurum that again translates directly to RL money.

The cost of bags translated to rl money based on an average of 2 hexcoins (possibly less) per bag purchased is then 125+ EUR for mythic bag and 250+ EUR for legendary bag.

The whole agent system is a moneygrab operation anyway as proven by buy-only agents, and now they took it one step further.

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The best way to solve this would be to let grandmasters “cash out” their lifetime sub to get this bundle for free. :v:

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Grandmaster was 200$ so it should be enough for two such promotions. But how do you divide it? Can it really provide patron/sub benefits for half of a lifetime?

So that 12 month patron package looks really cool and I genuinely would love to donate to get the items in it, but I’m already a grandmaster/lifetime patron… and $100 is pretty steep for just the items.

Would it be possible for Funcom to switch things up so that way there are item packages that are only purchasable by people with patron status, rather than bundling items with patron time? I kinda feel like you’d probably sell more stuff that way too.


There is already a topic on this. Might wanna go there instead of having two discussions =). The tone in the other unfortunately already have some less constructive voices, but a double topic just generate double posts =x.

Hope we can get a version of the bundle, that is more fit for the grandmasters eventually, in addition to the one with patron time. Grandmaster was technically bought for TSW and not SWL, but since they let it transfere, it would be a shame to exclude the Grandmaster group.

That said its very unlikely something they can just do, right now. It would be something they have to discuss and agree on, before they can even start setting it up on the code end of things.