Not a fan of Time Limited Exclusive Rewards (Twitch Drops, Royal Armor, etc)

One of the reasons I appreciated this game over other “live service” titles is that I could unlock full access to the entirety of its content by purchasing the relevant DLCs and I’d then be able to play at my own pace.

I was already upset about missing out on the Conan Royal Armour because I discovered the game too late. I would be willing to pay for it, but sadly in an attempt to reward preorders you ended up penalizing any player that buys the game at a later point in time and lock them out of access to that content.

I will not mind if there are means to acquire the Watcher armour set in future Twitch drops, but please do not begin to develop a trend where you start releasing time-limited exclusive content as part of some FOMO tactics.

As someone who has bought every single DLC released for the game so far, I value the integrity of all the content that is available for me as a buyer.
I am ok with giving stuff away for free to people as part of a promotion, but please do not permanently lock access to that content for anyone that missed those events. Put it behind a price wall so that people that really want can just pay extra for “deluxe content” without having their immersion ruined because they didn’t engage in some activity outside the game. (would appreciate for the same to happen with Conan Royal Armour and the Atlantean Sword, the fact that they were mutually exclusive was already a poor decision)


It’s my opinion that all game content should be linked to the game, I don’t think players should be asked to go watch twitch to get exclusive items.

Any give away promotions not directly tied to the game should be re-colors or very slight cosmetic variations

I think players should be rewarded for playing the game, not for watching video of someone else playing it



Refer to the experience of Blizzard before they were bought by Activision, they allow their users to get content that was previously given and which until some time was not available to others.

Then all the “rewards for early access” loose sense. I have Royal Armor but I don’t have Atlantean Sword - and it’s OK. Those things give no ingame advantages, they are “just for a keep-sake”.


There should definitely be content that can only be aquired by doing something like watching Twitch. If you aren’t able to get them for some reason, life still goes on.

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Agree. It shouldnt feel like we need to jump through a series of compliance hoops just have access to all of the games content.


Conan is only game where actual players dunno even why complains about twitch drops or limited time drops xD… BECAUSE league of legends , sea of thieves, rainbow six, For honor, etc - dont give paper shiet about these who complain - dont llike system dont use it…

This is advertising for game, so i dont have royal armour or sword, they are giving special to those who supported conan EA, so now if anyone gets wartorn, royal, watcher, pirate ( after the time is ended ) and it should never return that is what meaning of TIME LIMITED…

so why should conan be so kind to everyone , when barbarians was kinder than pirates or medieval age games?? i am total against that they read items

Only if like changed name or colour so the first owner can keep they unique…


I understand you are upset about this type of industry marketing and many games have adopted the pre-order items, to help with the initial sales in order to recover the costs of developing the game. I’m fine with this, people need to get paid.

I personally don’t pre-order however, I like the buying the game later once I know it won’t be abandoned in a few months. That’s more important to me than the items.

Twitch was really another industry marketing campaign to get the more eyes on the game, from different audiences. I personally didn’t see it as a FOMO tactic since, I watch and stream it was “normal” to me, thanks for your perspective.

We will never know of any sales that resulted from twitch but, it’s possible that there will be other events and opportunities to get the items (just have to hit that “claim button”).

The best part of Conan is that nothing is really permanently locked, a friend that has the items/dlc can make the items for others.

Something that could happen is a GOTY edition of the game that includes everything. This way everyone will have access to all items at once.


As someone who endured the agonies of early access, and also watched the twitch streams to get an ugly armor set, I would just like to say I deserve these items for helping FC promote its game and also TEST its game. Why do you think YOU deserve them?


Because having content that exists in the game files, takes up space on my drive, but is locked away forever from day 1 is just a terrible idea for the overall integrity of the game.

There are other ways to reward you for all the “ordeals” you went through. The entire point I’m trying to make is that making these items unavailable for anyone who picks up the game at a later date just creates an inconsistent experience for new players and just makes it easier to not give a damn about an “incomplete” game.

I would pay $15 for the Royal Armour today just for the sake of having a wider array of crafting options and more immersive experience.

I also believe Funcom did not anticipate how popular the single player or modded scene for this game was going to be.
These are two communities where immersion plays a big role in their enjoyment of the game. Having all this permanently locked away content here and there is just bad for player retention.

I can also think of so many other games where that I found hard to recomment to my friends for the sole reason that if they picked up the game today they’d have a shittier experience than the one I had due to all the time-limited content they’ve missed. It just makes it harder for people to be invested in the game.

lmao, I have seen all sorts of arguments why the game is “dying” but I haven’t seen this one.


If the game has a single player story/campaign option, the solution here is get a physical copy of the game and never go online with it. This will prevent one from finding out what is missed and what will be missed in the future.

There was a time that this was normal (still is in many places with with bad internet) and everyone has a “complete” game at the time of purchase.

Man that’s not my point at all.

What I’m saying is there is a new developing trend where developers embrace FOMO in an attempt to cash out out quick on their work, but what that does in the long term is just diminishing the experience for any future consumers.

I am not saying this trend is as severe with Conan Exiles as it is in other titles, but it’s starting to look like they are exploring a similar path.

Why is it that my experience should be devalued for the sole reason that I purchased the game at a later stage in time? How is that gonna incentivize any sales in the future if you keep eroding the integrity of game?

Why is it so difficult nowadays to start over so many games on another platform or account and have a consistent experience to your first playthrough by not having access cut to time-limited content?

I don’t even mind Conan Exiles having a bonus for people who preorder the game or watch it on Twitch. The thing that bothers me is permanently locking away content, compromising the quality of the game for some short term financial incentives.

You could’ve put that content behind some ridiculous paywall and still give it away for free to people who pre-order, that would’ve still “rewarded” pre-orders while still not (EDIT: can’t believe s c r e w ing is censored) over everyone else who maybe wasn’t even aware of the game or had the hardware to run it at the time of the preorder campaign. But now what reason do they have to get invested in a game when they’ve already missed out on stuff?

I was responding to a specific part of your post (re: recommending games), that is all.

For everything else that you are repeating, earlier on post #10 I said I understand and got your perspective.

I see some other topics discussing this issue and a possible solution would be for all that are willing to pay, send funcom a check for $100 USD with a note stating:

“Up on cashing this check, please send me the Sword of Crom reedemable code for [name of platform]”

Once they see the millions of dollars coming in they will have no choice.


My bad, that line was more in response to the comment before yours.

Well I’ve already got a sword code from G2A when I bought the game, but I might give your idea a try for the Royal Armour :slight_smile:

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Exclusive content in video games is inherently anti consumer. I’m not sure why the people arguing for it are acting like people against it are upset or making a big deal of things?

No one said it was killing the game, no one said give them to me or else I’ll quit. They just don’t like it or agree with the business practice.

I’ve seen plenty of games sell preorder items after time has passed, and virtually no one cared about it and the company got to make some money on content that literally required them to do nothing because it already exists in the game files

Overall though I do think this game avoids most of the more questionable “business tactics” that have become the norm in modern gaming.


It’s about as “anti-consumer” as getting a limited edition print or getting a signed copy of a book. I might understand people who disagree with specifics of how you get certain exclusive content, but calling it anti-consumer is hyperbole.


I think we are getting lost in the semantics of the issue. So I am just going to reduce it to a level of base simplicity; that being that its just not cool. For example, offering the Atlantean sword post launch, BUT only to PC players. Offering very highly requested features only through the Twitch drops, ie-the bookcase, BUT only to those who live in countries and locations with reliable internet. To me this sort of practice is as illogical as creating a DLC pack which is only available to Xbox players, who live in Azerbaijan, and who log on to purchase them at the stroke of midnight on a Wednesday.


To me, the difference is in your example is the product within the package is the same. This is more akin to a movie studio releasing a film but only airing certain scenes at specific theatre chains or for a specific period of time and then removing them from the movie for other viewers, and never allowing them to watch those scenes

If we were talking about special edition steel books or signed boxed copies of the game your analogy would be spot on

Overall I don’t really care about the items. I couldn’t even tell you the items that are exclusives in this game. But I do think it’s a problem that’s become an accepted part of gaming

They don’t have micro-transactions, or loot boxes, or other games as a service nonsense, which is great. Their dlc prices seem very fair from the ones I’ve bought. Overall this is a small annoyance to me, but it’s still an annoyance

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