Conan' s atlantean sword and royal armor set

Hello, I have 8023 hours of play on Conan Exiles.
I think it deserves a reward. And the only thing I don’ t have on the game is this armor set and weapon. So I say to myself why not offer the set to players who exceed a certain number of hours of play.


then new special items need for that, i still stay for

  1. Preorder/EA items
  2. twitch drops

should be unique and never return as ‘‘gift’’ any time later… otherwise what the point to give them out before?

Edit line : Answer to messages and pm in discord :smiley:
I do not have atlantean sword and royal armor, i have war rhino tho and watcher full set with items from twitch because i was one of streamers late then, and no i aint writing this because i own all of them , i just found virtual friendly friends and players and just asked them to make royal armor … :smiley:


The Atlantean Sword and Royal Armor were for players there from the beginning; those who took the chance with the game early on.

I did not participate in the Twitch drops so I don’t have the items and that’s okay.

Neo pretty much sums it up. There isn’t a point in offering them in the first place if they are not going to be unique in the future.

I’d be in complete support of new items that are limited time only rewards for various accomplishments or participation.


I think having been able to enjoy the same game for over 8000 hours is a reward in itself. How many other games have given that much to you?


Please explain to me since when playing a game is a reward. Just because I love the universe and have an overflowing imagination doesn’t mean that I’ve been having fun for 8000 hours. A lot of work, a lot of headaches, a lot of bugs. A lot of trouble with the devkit. Of headache with the rp players. Having a reward for people who spent some time on the game would be very nice.

If playing the game is too little reward for you, then why would the 8000+ hours be a reason to get another reward that was exclusive to something else?

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Again, explain to me how playing a game is a reward?
Why should an exclusive remain exclusive? Many exclusives are no longer exclusive after a certain period of time, so there is no rule about that. I wonder how many people who pre-ordered the game are still playing it. Why not give the people who bled the game and are still playing it a chance to have this exclusivity too? But if you really think that an exclusive should stay an exclusive to be relieved to have something that others don’ t have, I think it would be a good idea to create another exclusive.

To be completelt blunt, games are meant to be fun. If you’re not having fun anymore, maybe you should take some time off or find a new one to enjoy for a while. Getting a new sword and armor reskin won’t fix your root issue in this situatuon.


Or who are willing to buy a new copy of day 1 edition now… Its not Rare, outside over paying for the game. Which gets Funcom ZERO dollars. (Inless Funcom has its own store selling these copies)

You can also have player who can make it…visit you and make it for free.

Its nothing special… nor is it a token for being day 1 player…

I got my PAL Copy well after I got PSN DAY1.

FUNCOM, Take peoples money. Its been proven thread after thread its not a Day 1 Special, nor is it Hard to obtain.
Just ask for 5$, and give people it as bundle. Take said money and donate it to Ukraine or Skimpy Derkito DLC Number II =3

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You are making me say things I never said. When did I say I had a problem? I never called it a problem. And who said I don’t have fun in the game except you? Your advice is amazing, you are so kind. But I know how to manage myself at least a little bit to make this kind of decision. I notice that you must be tired to have written your message. I don’t hold it against you. And excuse me in advance because I’m going to tell you to take some time for yourself instead of spending time on the forum.

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““You are making me say things I never said.”” then use different translator…
Internet rule #1

What is translated in translator is not always what is said from people, translator has AI terminology so 1 word that has 10 meanings will be placed in , and will make u no sense … even if u talk bad in english as i am or in russian or latin better try yourself not with translator as that DeepL translate :smiley:

And about that last part on support bundles i agree but firstly funcom should add rule about war symbol uses…( already reported)

otherwise what point of adding support bundles against war and so, if in servers itsleft like where i use to play after merge joins some players who spams agressive war symbols, who i will avoid to add there because its screened … and reported…

I mean, its like picking both sides, in server it will be ok to use war symbols to spam , while supporting bundles anti it…

I hope u got what i try to say…

You did.

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We need a unique reward for people who missed the game early on or dont do twitch Basically if you have any of the 3 unique ones (conans sword/armor, or twitch drop) then you arent eligible. Call it the “Thanks for Joining us DLC special”. People need to be rewarded for joining up later.

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How is this fair to long time players? They miss out on a unique thing because they’ve had the game too long? I get you want some sort of incentive for newcomers and I wouldn’t mind that, but excluding loyal long-time players just spits in their face

How i iit fair to new players who didnt know or were maybe too young to buy the game to mot have a chance at the other unique dlcs?

And you can get it, just buy the game again…

And not it is about fairness? Funny shoe on other foot chamges perspective really quickly.

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Another one, what about long time PS players who had it(EA DLC) but decided to move to pc because game is getting harder to run it 9n consoles?

Because the other cosmetics were earned. Royal armor was given to those who supported the game in early access. Their purchases saved funcom from bankruptcy. The sword was given to those who pre-ordered, helping the console launches to go well. The watcher armor was given to those who watched on twitch, which helped grow the audience for the game. All of these are beneficial to the game above and beyond a regular purchase. These are badges of support. They also aren’t mutually exclusive, like your suggestion is.

Honestly I’d rather just look down at everyone else who has it because it’s essentially a badge of insignificance. You’re proposing a participation trophy to give exclusively to the kids who didn’t win real ones.

I still don’t understand the part you don’t understand. I never said that I don’t enjoy the game. I never implied that I don’t have fun on the game anymore…


Still, it’s a shame to love and play so much a game and not be able to own all the dlcs.

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