Royal armor and Atlantean sword on 1st year anniversary please?

Can we please have this, I will pay money for those if we can get it on first year anniversary :grinning:


I agree, because then they will quickly notice that there’s value in making a flawless version of the Atlantean Sword.

Such an iconic and beautiful sword, never to be enjoyed by the grand majority. A shame and short-sightedness only marketing could consummate.

“It’s fine… the cornerstone of conquerers will not be missed. It’s just a novelty.” /sarcasm


Give everyone the base sword/armor, but only let those who have the code make flawless versions? Works for me. Would objectively be ‘more evil’ IMO, but hey.


werent they giving swords as part of test live participation?
so maybe next time something like it comes again


That’d be pay to win.

I really just want a better management of in-game assets. It’s wasteful.

Content is already being consumed faster than it can be produced, because there is no vertical progression.

The most popular vertical progression for gear in Conan Exiles is the Serpent-Man recipe in the volcano, The Blade of the Adventurer, and the Crom Blade.

Everything else feels like a compromise of one another.
Everything that you want to use because it looks good, sucks.
This includes the new gear from the sunken temple, save for those daggers.

It’s like… they can do so much with what is already there.

It feels as though they now have this “quantity over quality” approach, where they churn out things to consume, and then never really care about what’s there already.

A severe case of “We will fix it later, but let’s keep our artists bizzy first.”

I love artist… which is why I do not understand why artists can’t be tasked into making flawless weapons look flawless, and normal weapons look a bit chinked…

Or set them to work to make torn/ripped versions of armor, the more damaged they are… wear and tear.

Or have artists create Tattoos, and implement a tattoo system.

It’s just…also the way the decision makers make artists work. Like the ceiling tiles… Artists are told “make the tiles look as valuable as possible to make people want to buy them.”

To artists this translates into “let’s put as much detail and decor onto these ceiling tiles as possible.” when people actually just want a nice CONTINUOUS TILEABLE SEAMLESS FLOOR.

Just smooth parquet that is seamless.

Instead we keep getting these hyper-detailed checker-boards, which we have to pain-stakingly align. Some of can’t be aligned without guess work (Frontier set).


I dont see why not. Its of more use as an aesthetically pleasing ornament than a weapon which is powerful and effective in actual combat. And its now been almost one year. I have both the armour and the sword, and I would be more happy to see others given an opportunity to own them too.

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Yeah I was kinda playing Devil’s Advocate there, but then you probably know my views on the subject :smile:



Sometimes you feel like someone is watching me…


Guys, he’s onto us. Activatate the Ghost Protocol and rendezvous at beta site.

Crom laughs at those run away ! STAND AND FIGHT EXILE !

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Maybe Ignasis knows something relevant, but isn’t allowed to say.

Those eyes look like “I want to scream, but I have no mouth.”

Maybe that’s exactly what’s going to happen at the anniversary, and Ignasis is like O_O;;

If that’s the case,then that’s the best apology letter marketing could ever do, while earning money at the same time :stuck_out_tongue:

On second thought… all the day-one purchasers are probably gonna whine "I paid 40 euroes for this toy! And now others get to have it for a fraction of the price!?! You Mofos! "

but if you add a flawless epic version, it’ll appease the wolves. Just sayin. The majority will eat those wolves alive in CQB, if they still whine about it. I know I would… * polishes verbal brass knuckles*

Maybe i’m just reading WWAYYYYY the hell too deep into it, seeing a galaxy behind those Ignasious eyes, and i’m disconnected from reality from so much wishful thinking.

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thats why i love my client.

also i did pay alost 100$ to get conanx exiles in EA

Not if it means royal armor would get a flawless epic version too.
If they made it buyable without upgrading it, then yeah… that’d be a slap square across the face.

The reason why adding flawless epic royal armor would make this acceptable is because it would make the added value available to everyone including the people who have it already.

If you have something somewhat exclusive, but utterly useless, then have it be useful… wouldn’t you have more pleasure out of experiencing that, than almost forgetting you had it in the first place, because its gathering dust somewhere?

If they upgrade either the atlantean or the royal armor with flawless grade without making that DLC available to everyone, I think there will be hell.

But if they sell the DLC to everyone without upgrading it… that’s even worse.

The best outcome is to buff it and sell it. Cuz that makes sense. It even fits neatly into their DLC “strategy” so far.

Well I can 100% get behind flawless versions being required, because otherwise it is rather academic since the blade/armor in its basic state is near useless.

Of course the real solution to this and so many, many other issues would have been vanity slots / skins, but that’s a pipedream.


Yup. And it only takes 1 PvP player’s wish to veto 5000 PvE players wishes, because PvE is just a child or subset of PvP.

The joke is on half the consumers for playing a PvP game in PvE.

Half the game’s future is a pipedream because of it.

I can see this already…

“Siege Update”. Half a year of content drought for PvE, and all PvP folks are going to say about that in the end is “Those damm Chinese.”

Are we ever going to get OUR “Siege Update” in form of container PINS, and Vanity Slots?

Nope. Cuz PvE’s a subset of PvP. That’s why. I mean FFS, even a PvP game like ARK has container PIN, alliance system and armor skins, AND hairstyle system.

I have the sword and armor. Just make them separately available as a $50.00 DLC each, then people can put up or shut up, just like the people that originally purchased the physical game copies.

“People putting up” with 50 US translates to content creators on youtube going on a field day with Funcom, and IGN expecting protection money…

Have you seen what content creators and the press is doing with Bethesda?

People are not going to “shut up”.

Royal Armor DLC and Atlantean Sword DLC need to be priced EXACTLY like the DLC packs.

It should be bundled together and called “The Spoils of Conan” DLC, the stats in perfect sync with all other DLC’s.

If you want it then pay what those who got the day one and physical copies did, otherwise you’re just whining for cheap handouts. If that’s not the case and you were a collector then you’d be willing to pay.

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I bought the Atlantean Sword for 40 Euroes, and got the Steam Royal armor.

I’m perfectly OK with others getting it cheaper than me, as long as I actually get some use out of what i paid for.

Right now I wasted 40 euroes on the Atlantean Sword thinking it would actually be worth a danm. It’s actually embarrassing showing off that sword, because it’s so useless. Paying 40 euroes for it… lol. Everyone else is thinking “That’s 40 euroes I have, and he doesn’t, for some ornament. What a sucker. I can get that with a mod.”

Collectors collect things of worth… The novelty value of the Atlantean Sword isn’t worth 40 euroes.

People only paid that much because they THOUGHT it actually had some intrinsic value other than being exclusive.

People know The Atlantean Sword is just an ornament. I seriously doubt they will pay 40 euroes (or 50 dollars) for it, especially if you can get that as a mod.