Atlantean Sword + Royal Armor

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Háganlo posible. :slight_smile:


No sorry, people pay a lot of money for pre-orders, they should be offered something that cannot be obtained in any other way for their support. Find a person who has it and ask them to craft it for you.


If it is on pc i am willing to jump in ur server and given the materials to lvl and craft can craft u as many as u want.

@Narelle ,even though i own both dlcs , i disagree with what u saying. If it goes to everybody, nothing will be taken away from me … let it be a dlc .

Many people love conan lore and would like to have em, but did not purchased the game for various reasons . So why not have a chanche to own them?


If they add it to the shop for all to purchase today, I would personally consider it false advertising. They promised an exclusive skin for those who choose to support them with pre-orders.


Most games have a pre-order bonus. More than a few of them are usually available for all for an extra price after purchase anyway. There’s a multitude of reasons why some people cannot pre-order despite maybe wanting to support the devs as well. I don’t see why anyone should reasonably care if people that missed out, or just couldn’t afford it at the time are willing to pay for an armour and sword skin that aren’t good anyway. If your that worried about supporting the devs than surely allowing everyone a chance to own them can only be of more benefit to them :man_shrugging: I am lucky enough to own it and I don’t understand at all why anyone would begrudge others from having it too.


If they have advertised it as something that you will unlock upon purchase, I wouldn’t have a problem with that but I am not ok with them advertising it as an exclusive item and then releasing it to all for some quick cash.

By the way, I don’t personally own the armor but I respect the fact that people paid a lot of money to get access to this armor and I am ok with the fact that I cannot have all in game because for one or another reason I decided to not pre-order.


You do you. I still think it’s ridiculous that ppl would be upset that someone else may have access to a suit of armour and a sword in a video game 4-5 years after said games release. That’s just being pedantic.


I am willing to accept this kind of “false advertising”…
And i remind u i own both preorders…
I do not think myself offended by such a move , especially by developers that really listen , improve and try to hear their playerbase in the way FC does.
And no they r not perfect but i see an effort. And this is amazing.

The bonus is that i got it free with the game price , whilst any other that will get it will pay a price and that is enough for me…


Also by the way with 2.4 update maybe something is bugged maybe not,when u go in private server and look in admin spawn menu u kinda see also all possible collector items,
what is interesting for me… they all are like in row. Always, but now, after 2.4 - Royal armour — Reward 1, Reward 2 , Reward 3 , Wartorn Rhino…
Like what is those 3 more rewards?

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Of course, you are entitled to your own opinion on this matter and it is ok for this opinion to differ from mine. The fact that you are willing to accept something doesn’t mean that everyone else should be ok with that. I love the game as well, I support Funcom in many ways but I am not willing to accept any form of false advertising as a matter of principle regardless whether we are talking about a skin in a video game or travel in space. We agree to disagree.


Personally, I don’t see a problem with pre order or special edition items becoming widely available a couple of years after launch. Rockstar did it with GTA 5’s collector edition vehicles, Playground Games did it for Forza Horizon 4 pre order cars and Bioware recently did it with the Mass Effect remaster when they added in the Collectors weapons and armour.


As one who owns both Conan’s Royal Armor from pre-purchase in North America, AND Conan’s Atlantean sword (from the “Dismantling Bench/Bosses in Unnamed City” testlive giveaway Patch), I do not have a problem with FunCom selling these items years after their exclusive deal. Maybe a $5 DLC each?

Yes, that’s just my opinion and yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion. From my point of view, yes, the items were exclusive. But I do not expect them to remain exclusive forever. I think they should be made available now that years have gone by. In fact, I would have expected these items to have been made available after the first year (such as the “exclusive” games deals with EPIC… one year later, you can get them on Steam).

And yes, we can agree to disagree on this issue.


I’m glad pre-ordered and got the Royal Armor. But after all this time, you’d think FUNCOM would have released a reskin of the armor and sword in later patches.

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They might add them to future Twitch drops.


I always see, have someone craftvit for you. What about SP, where that is not an option.

And BTW EA Siptah was EXACTSAME PR8CE as full release. So basically no benefit other than early playing. If theybreleased it as a 4.99 pack, why would one care if other gamers could get full experience of game?


Hi Everyone, My two cents is that it should stay unique to pre order people. I think that pre order buyers should receive the bonus they were promised, and the reward for committing to the game at an early stage.

Having said that, original poster - you are not missing out on anything. I have the set and have used it in early game and for a while it does offer advantage.

But after say level 25 or so, other weapons and armors quickly take over with better bonuses.

The armor only offers 5 bonus points in encumbrance. And even the epic version still only offers 5 points in encumbrance even with purge thrall building it. So not much to crave really.

During end game I wear vermin hide pants, with a royal armor chest to get my encumbrance bonus to where I want it, but it’s not like you can’t wear an alternate set to get the same or better outcomes.

As for the sword…it looks pretty but does not offer what legendary weapons can offer you. I have only ever used the Atlantean sword in early game. Once I pass level 50 I am using other weapons anyway.

My point is don’t be jealous! There’s no need! Lol

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Paying customers always get screwed.
Supporting devs and being denied access to items while pirates can get everything for free. Why some players gatekeeping years old preorder items is also strange.


As a person who purchased the game twice so that I may own both the Atlantean Sword AND the Royal Armor, I 100% support calls to make them a DLC.

I am not posessive by nature, the fact that I have owned and enjoyed these two bonuses for 3 years while other members have been unable to access them more than enough for me. If I had the means to do so, I would happily share them with every member who asked right now.


I am sorry Narelle, but I must politely disagree with you here, in addition to lending support to what @Bodin has pointed out.

I am genuinely not trying to be unkind here, but perhaps you were ripped of by the retailer. Because both of the two editions I brought with the pre-order bonuses were exactly the same price as the as the standard editions.

I do not interpret the statement as a ‘promise’, but more informing the consumer what they are eligible to receive as a result. I would also like to lend creedence to what Bodin has said above. Funcom has already gone back on this statement when they offered the sword as a post-launch reward for participating in Testlive.


I appreciate your support, these are the only things I don’t own and I would pay two games to have them. And if after 3 years it was free, turned into twitch drops or paid DLC I would support funcom. because that’s the right thing to do. (The point is, I didn’t get a chance to complete my favorite game)