Conan royal armor and sword

How can i craft the Conan Royal armor an sword ? I can’t even spawn them through admin panel insingle player

lemurian royal is on the improved Armour bench, is that what you needed?

I think you could have only earned it via early access.

confirmation needed.

Thanks guys yeah I found it on accident my son plays but only offline I spawn him in stuff he loves it if u go to admin panel an I typed Conan it pulled up conanroyal armor set I guess it was like a preorder bonus oh well thanks guys

The Conan’s Royal Armor was only obtainable via the Digital pre-orders, or owners of the Early Access versions. Since Conan Exiles was released on May 08, 2018 it is no longer available to pre-order.

The Atlantean Sword was obtained by people purchasing the Physical Copy “Day One Edition” of the game when it came out.

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Okay thank u brotherman

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