Looking for a recipe

I am looking for the royal armor not the Lemerian armor royal

This recipe is not available now. It was given to those who’ve purchased the game on Early Access phase. Conan Atlantean Sword is another one exclusive recipe - for those who’ve purchased “Day One edition”. They are not end-game content though, just for low levels and for vanity of course.

Man that sucks too bad there’s not a way to get that code now I have the special swords but I don’t have the armor

Ask someone on the server to make it for you, usually they will if you are a nice guy:)
Not to expensive to make, and usually it will end up in a chest, and used for vanity reaons sometimes like mentioned above.

Good luck.

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If you watch the funcom stream if by luck you win one of the raffles they will give any of the dlc codes even royal armor or sword

@ silvercoon, I have the recipe of the armour as I purchased the game pre release and I will gladly join ur server to craft u armours and maintain em… contact me here or on steam

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