Atlantean Swordsmiths and Royal Armorers

Greetings all,

At launch and beyond, if you will have the recipe for Conan’s Atlantean Sword and/or Royal Armor and are willing (or interested in the idea) to travel to one or more servers to level up and craft these items for those willing to provide the materials, please sign this list by replying.


Funcom Staff/Community Managers/Moderators: If this post goes against any rules or causes mass apoplectic seizures in Marketing, please feel free to remove it! (Not that you need my permission heh!)

Players/Server Admins: If you feel that this venture may harm your server/community economy or role play, please feel free to reply with your concerns and optionally the name of the server/community you wish to be excluded.


Day 1 Chat

CrafterBlaster: WHO RUN BARTERTOWN?!

I just watched the Dev Stream and @Jens_Erik confirms exactly your premise. Very good question, and topic for discussion because this outcome is inevitable.

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Oh? I need to get watching. I actually love the Dev Streams yet always get sidetracked and watch them several days late.

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This is the first one I’ve missed. My darling wife was helping me stock up on provisions for launch. Red Bull, toothpicks to hold up the eyelids, you know, the essentials.

He answers a chat Q and says unequivocally if you want the sword or armor you have to buy the versions. I am so happy/hopeful about this because I possess those.

Yes, we’ve both been in threads specific to getting those and I have them as well.

From that, I gather the topic of this thread is a no go? I’m a bit confused as I seem to recall Jens stating something like, “And it can even be stolen from you.” in reference to the Royal Armor.

I’ll have to watch the stream and do some deeper searching I suppose. I do not mind at all if the idea is not possible. I was simply trying to provide a bit of community support, especially to those upset about no physical copies for the PC (the only containing the sword code) in the US and certain other countries. If this turns out to be definitive, I’ll ask that the thread be removed, of course.