Conans Atlantian Sword should be crafted at a blacksmith bench

Hey there everyone! Conans atlantian sword is currently crafted by the player by hand. It should be done in a blacksmith bench with all the flawless variables.

make Conans Atlantian Sword Great Again!

Where do you get the recipe?

I think it was a day one only exclusive when they went “live” in May. If it was, enough time has passed to now include it in the game for everyone. Make it a recipe you learn from Conan when you visit or something. Also, isn’t there some kind of special armor that was for early access? If there is, then maybe a 3.99 US $ dlc pack so anyone can get them both, or 2.99 for each separately.

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It was a day one physical game exclusive, but i think in Europe its a dlc. At least I’ve seen people talking about buying it. It definitely needs some updating, and i think it should be available to everyone. It’s Conans sword after all!

I’d say I have to disagree. The Alantian sword being hand-craftable was kind of one of its benefits, being able to craft an iton tier weapon on the go if ever needed. Although the lower resource cost for crafting at a bench would be nice, it’s not like its exactly needed.
Also, there is no flawless variant, just an Epic Lv.60 variant, which is also handcrafted.

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Nope, not an EU DLC. Only way to buy it, is off other players who can craft it.

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It was, yes.

I strongly disagree. Why would “amount of time passed” have any bearing on this?

Indeed there was.

No thanks, by all means make micro-skin packs but not of items that were sold as this-or-that exclusives, that’s just crapping on those who bought those editions.

Incidentally, I do agree that making them craftable at the blacksmith’s bench (so that exceptional/flawless versions were an option) is the way to go.

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Ah, well then now i feel extra special!

As much as I agree with you, I still think it should be updated to fit the game. I take advantage of being able to craft it on the go all the time but I would prefer to be able to make a flawless version of it at a blacksmith bench.

Frankly, its the epic version that needs updating.

Maybe update it so that the epic version is same damage as Star Metal greatsword, that way its not overpowered, legendary weapons still hold their value for beating the world bosses and its still a decent bonus for buying the “Day One physical edition” of the game when it came out.

I disagree with making it a paid DLC now even after all this time, as said above, it would be a kick in the gonads for anyone who paid a lot of money for the Day One Physical Editon.

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If there is no way for others to obtain (i have the sword by the way) then yes, the flawless version if added would need to be on par with the other DLC stuff, and only crafted at the black smith’s bench (just the flawless, others remain as is). Otherwise it would be pay to play in a way (even though it didn’t cost extra, new people who get the digital DL can’t get it). And Funcom has mostly steered away from that thankfully. I can see in RP and PVE where having it is special, as it can become trade loot. I was thinking in line of balanced game play early on for grinding XP (the iron version is definitely a helper, especially right now with the crafting XP screwed up, and having to basically kill every NPC in site to get XP :slight_smile: )

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