[Video] Conan's Atlantean Sword - Bonus DLC available from physical Day-One Purchase

I have the honor to showcase Conan’s Atlantean Sword for you in this short video:

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For a moment I started to get excited and then I saw the key word: “physical”. I appreciate the generosity of your giveaway, but, unless Funcom come up with something new, for the vast majority of PC players in the States and most other countries, this sword won’t be available.

Oh, I will giveaway a Steam Key with which the sword can be added to an account right away.

I don’t like it being tied to a physical game version either though, last time I bought a physical game was probably 10 years ago…that is so 90s.

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So does this mean that after the sword is crafted, multiples can be crafted, thus allowing you to give it to other players or perhaps it could even be looted from your dead corpse? I hope not.

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It’s twice the size of Conan’s actuall sword

Nice vid. No doubt on the commentary. The Physical thing is an epic bi^ch, to say the least. I even tried to buy the CE but could not because I work in China now. It sucks hard for me…

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no worries ill craft you one :slight_smile:

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It can be stolen per the current newsletter so it must be tradable it seems.

Me? Sweet.

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Yes, you can do that. You can craft an infinite number of these swords. They cost 20 star metal bars each though and the stats are lower then from legendary and Black Keep sword, so apart from the style and honor the sword is utterly useless.

I’ve handed out multiples of the sword as rewards to my server mates here:


Good information to know. Thanks!

Oh wait…you should still buy it!

I will ask the Devs to buff the stats! :smiley:

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Sadly I cant despite my best efforts. As I said previously I work in China now and well…

I could only get the digital download from Steam.

Oh sh*t…I hope you’ll somehow manage to get your hands on one!

Me too… So short of winning a contest or someone gifting me or selling me one directly via Steam store I’m kinda screwed.

Hi Spartan, if you plan on playing on a server, you could clan up with someone that has the DLC :slight_smile:

That is what I’m hoping for assuming I can get a small community going here in South China Sea area.

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