Atlantean Sword help

Hello. I’m super new here and was wondering if anyone that has the Atlantean Sword would be willing to craft 5 of them for me in my game please. I apologize for the bother and thank you in advance for your time.

Well very small niche you are looking for arnt you!? Dayum I wasnt even away of a physical copy of the game until i looked up this sword from your post. Your new? A lot of vets here are digital because we paid for Early Access steam copies and the game was sooooo broken at launch why would most of us invest in a second copy. Funcom had a bumpy road for sure. But we are still here because its fun, Crom is God, and fredrik malmberg will never lets the franchise die <3.

If you are looking for an acquirable conan sword, look for Sword of Crom. Conan has wielded a few versions of Croms sword.

Its just an option if you cannot find anyone.

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He he he.

(flails and waves)

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