Sword from CONAN 1982 movie. Atlantean

I know that the sword of CONAN was a special gift for those who reserved the game but I would very much like you to add your skin to exchange with the sword of CROM; for those of us who bought the Steel Secret DLC… or maybe some special skin for which we have already bought all its DLC to date.
use: (Google traductor).


Yea, I’ve played since CE first went EA, so didn’t pre-order a physical copy of a game I had for over a year. It’d be nice if we could get that sword skin some other way. Should’ve been in Riddle of Steel dlc.


I bought my Playstation in 2019 so I didn’t have a chance to buy the game in early access either, plus I don’t buy physical games, just digital😔 … I hope the developers will take it into consideration and find a way to get it.


You can have someone craft it for you. (even via co-op) Done that a few times.

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That is an option but I prefer to do it myself, since I tend to build huge buildings and after being satisfied or having new ideas; I start a new game by deleting everything to avoid the bad performance of the game and I wish I could do many for different purposes over and over again … it is the only DLC I am missing :pensive:.

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Look, I’m not saying I bought a key for the sword DLC on eBay for like five bucks, but…okay yeah I am saying that.

Personally, I think what Funcom should do if something like a Riddle of Steel 2 DLC comes up is include the Atlantean sword in a scaled down one-handed size closer to the one in the movie rather than straight-up repackage the existing one that, while cool, is ludicrously oversized. That way people who missed the last one (and don’t know anyone who can make it for them) still get an iconic weapon (in a more accurate size!), and Funcom doesn’t have to wade through any histrionic screeds about how they’re spitting in the face of everyone who preordered by making a pretend video game sword less exclusive.

Then again that’s just my opinion, and if we’re being honest I’d probably feel otherwise if I didn’t already have the sword DLC because the whole reason I bought the key in the first place is because I have a completionist weirdo streak. (And also it’s a cool sword.)

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Too bad for those of us on consoles why we don’t have access to things like you are.

ok they don’t want to take away the exclusivity, but what about the other sword of conan in the 2011 movie or some of Frank Frazetta’s designs.

I have not found any key at that price, only dubious physical games and I am not going to buy the game a second time, I got it when they gave it to Playstation plus but when my membership ran out I bought it in the PS4 store…
I guess there is nothing to do but wait for the 3.0 update and trust that it will really be great.

Yeah, I feel like any that were for sale would have gotten snatched up a while ago, so that was more of a personal anecdote, not a suggestion.

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I use a USB, reload a save at Start of game with several items in a chest.

How I restart almost every week on a 2nd PSN. =3


I own a few copies of Day 1 for PS4 and I’m still not sure what the mechanism is for the Sword’s license. Barring understanding of the license’s “transfer” you would want to be sure the copy is new in the box and unopened. These are going for $40-$50 in the US.

Edit to add: for future reference, renewing your lapsed Plus account will once again give you access to those assets in your library. I have done this myself.

I would like to know if you are interested in 5 $ USD for the code of the sword atlantea … I know that for being an object, (“collectible”) it could be more expensive but that is all that I would be willing to pay for a skin.

That’s the thing, it’s not a code or a slip of paper or anything. Just the disc, the jewel box and a printed version of D-Pad Right.

well the code is supposed to come in a brochure and the map is separate, but if you don’t have it it was already used or lost … thanks anyway.

I am aware of it but after 2 years I decided not to renew because I prefer to play alone.

Yeah I don’t know the exact packaging method, but when I got mine the dude just sent me a key that I copy-pasted into Steam which unlocked it. It doesn’t come pre-unlocked on the game disc.

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When i got Disc version(DAY 1 Edition)(PAL), it came with map and 2nd paper with code. (which gets entered in PSN)

I got PAL version later after I had gotten NA version.(which came with armor)

I can oddly enough, make both armor and sword on my NA and PAL PSN accounts. But non of NA DLC works with PAL Copy, Non of PA DLC works on NA Copy. XD

Such a oddity.

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