Atlantean sword bug

Not sure if bug or not but i used the code for the sword but in game have the armour recipe. Ps4 uk

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Im having the exact same problem in the uk on ps4 put the code in came up as atlantean sword but appeared in the game as the armor

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having issues with Conan’s Atlantean sword. We are aware of certain issues for PS4 preorders for this item and our developers are working on a solution as we speak. There should be a fix implemented soon. I apologize for the inconvenience in the meantime.


Had the same issue ps4uk. I thought i was going mad. Because when i put the code in it popped up as the sword. But in the game its not there but the royal armour is. Glad im not the only person having this problem. Mainly wanted the physical copy for the sword as well. Was going to take the game back tomorrow as i thought i had a dodgy code

Yeap everyone has the problem i was suppose to get the armour and got the sword. I reckon they should just let us have both instead :wink:


I agree. Was absolutely devastated when i couldn’t find the sword in game but seen the royal armour. I have the atlantean sword hanging on my bedroom wall so i mainly wanted it in game. Cool sword

Yo tengo la versiĂłn digital y deberĂ­an haberme dado la armadura de conan y me han dado la espada

It seems that Sword and Armour was misplaced. I own Digital version and it have the Sword recipe (I bought physical as well, but it will reach me in 3 days only, so I cannot confirm whether the code in it provide Sword or Armour).

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Srry im spanish, i have the same problems of this guys, i have the sword but i bought the digital version

Same problem here in spain. Hope can you solve it, boys. I really love much more the sword than the armor.

The digital pre-order is the other way. Expected the armor but got the sword. No biggy though :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here in Germany. Got Armor instead of Sword. would like to have both :slight_smile:

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Same here in Australia. Bought the PS4 physical collectors edition and it clearly states Atlantean Sword on the slip. Code worked but no sword just armour. Could care less about the armour only reason I pre ordered was to get the sword. Not very happy. Have sent an email but as yet no reply.


I pre-ordered digital version on PS4 pro and I got the sword, no armor. I hope they leave it like this because I prefer the sword. I hope we can all get both as a compensation for the freezing and crashes and making it not playable.


Same issue here on PS4. Haven’t seen this thread before, made one myself. Ignore it. :smiley:

Hi i am having an issue on ps4 the same as others, where I have bought the day one edition of Conan exiles, and instead of getting the Conan’s Atlantean sword which is on the slip of paper I got from eb games au, i got conans armor instead please help.

King Regards

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Same in Norway. Code said weapon, can’t see weapon. Can see the royal armor thing though

Bought the day one editions yesterday. Put the code in for the atlantean sword. It popped up saying download sword. But in the game its not there but when checking the add ons it says i have the armour. I know im not the only one with this problem. I have taken it back to the shop and told them the problem which they think is very strange. Gave my a brand new copy. Opened it 10 minutes ago. Put the new code in and again the sword popped up. Hit download and it says this playstaion card has already been used. How is that even possible. Whats going on?

Had exactly the same problem. Bought physical copy collectors edition. Got the code which clearly states atlantean sword. Redeem the code no worries but it’s not there to craft. Only the armor is there. Could care less about the armor. Only preordered to get the sword. Hope this is fixed soon as the idea getting things like collectors edition or day one edition is to get a head start in the game and I don’t feel that’s happened

I’ve had the same issue, pre-ordered the day one edition for the atlantean sword but downloaded the dlc and got the armour instead, but already input the code so hope this can be fixed