Pre Order Bonus Problems

Hi guys! First time poster here, and I just wanted to see if anyone outside of my group of friends has experienced the same issues with their pre order bonuses in the EU region.

Basically I pre ordered a physical copy of the game along with a friend from shopto. The code in the case was for the Atlantean sword but upon inputting the code it grants the Royal Armor set which is a pre order bonus for ordering it digitally.

Another friend of mine pre ordered it directly from the PSN, and the bonus he received was the sword instead of the Armor set lol.

Anyone else experienced this?

Cheers for your time,


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Same for me. Gotta wait til my friends finish work to see if they have same problem. One is digital one disc version

I bought the digital copy on xbox one last year and didn’t receive my conan armor at all. So if any mod can give information that could lead me to help, it’d be appreciated. Thank you.

at this point, id trade the armor for a server to play on

Yeah, I have the same issue, only I bought digitally and received the sword instead of the armour.

Yeah I got the exact same problem, I should have gotten the sword but got the armor instead.
Support said Sony is working on a fix and we just have to wait.

Yup same here, digital pre-order on PS4, got the sword not the armour

This is a known issue with PS4 EU customers and we’re working with Sony to resolve the issue. A little more info here: