Alpha and pre order bonuses?

i live in the us and we are not getting any physical copies for pc, ive bought this game right at early access on steam in alpha and im curious if because of that if im going to be getting any of the pre order bonuses with the game that people who are buying physical copies (which arent available in my country) will be gettting

Hey Dargonis!

Since you bought the game in Early Access you’ll get Conan’s Royal Armor as an unlocked recipe on May 8th.

About the Royal Armor, We can craft as many as we want or it’s a one time thing?

What you get is the recipe. Since it’s a recipe, you should be able to craft as many as you want provided you have the materials. Outfit your thralls in it! Have your dancers dance in it! Go nuts!


How can people in the US get the Atlantean Sword?

The game on PC is not being sold in US. Were outta luck.

So what about the sword? How is that not an option for us since we paid for alpha which is the earliest pre order anyone could have done for this game? There is no option for us in the US to obtain the sword and your talking an iconic weapon in the lore of the game and in general as well. I know nothing of the conan universe but I know that sword and I’m gonna be bummed if because where I live despite me paying for the game I’m missing out on it

I suppose we could make friends with some kind folk from the Old World or Oz and ask them to come to our servers to craft a bunch for us…

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I know, it was more or less a rhetorical question since they’ve .been very tight lipped about it.

Every time the subject comes up they ignore it and say “early access is getting Conan’s royal armor”. LoL, like is there a version NOT getting the armor? As far as I can tell all the current versions are…wooooo bfd.

U can buy the physical copy from germany i think to get the sword code

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Yes, you can craft as many as you want. The armor pieces can even be stolen from you!


Indeed you can, as I found out. For the low low cost of about 48 Euro you can…get…a sword. To us Canooks here, that’s about $90. For a sword. One. In game. Item.

Sigh, I have too much money and love for this game.

I bought it.

Yes, I’m an idiot. :smiley:


Can the sword recipe just be added to the Royal Armor since it cannot be purchased, yet still honor the early backers?

Hey, man! Do you hear about Star Citizen? You can buy jpeg for $1k…

You can always trade your Royal Armor for the Atlantean Sword to someone in game, or just kill someone for it.

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Ha nice try. I fell for that 4 years ago when I bought my Constellation Andromeda for 275.

I though I heard mention of the Atlantean Sword on one of the dev streams and EA should get it after release. But not sure now. Devs any answer to this?

Been curious about this myself I hope we can get both as we supported it through EA but it’s not like we’ve got a voice in the decision hoping we wouldn’t have to rebuy it

Well just watched the latest dev stream and heard clearly that EA gets the armor recipe, CE gets the Atlantean sword, so all EA folks WON"T get the sword unless we buy the collectors edition for now. It might have to be a DLC or a MOD that we will have to. Unless I misunderstood what was said.

You understood correctly: early access will only get the armor, while you have to get either the day one retail or the collectors edition for the sword. Although not mentioned in the stream, the sword activation code is platform-specific, so you can’t buy a PS4 day one retail copy and then use the code to obtain the sword on the PC or Xbox, for example.