Conan's royal armor! Please read!

Hey how goes it everyone!? A thought occurred to me when I recently saw the pre-order bonus armor, I couldn’t help but think that it was the best looking armor in the whole game. I was overseas on the day one release so couldn’t bit a physical copy so I’d love a way to unlock the recipe. I’d even pay 1.99$ for it if I had too lol. Anybody else agree?


The armor while looks good is easily outpaced by other armor in the game and has no exception or flawless version. I know this as i have it, easy enough to just ask someone on the server who can make them

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Ah I see. Thanks I guess what I should be asking for is a flawless and exceptional version to be added in lol

There was a long discussion about this fairly recently, I’ll see if I can dig it up for you. For the record, the armor was the pre-order bonus (digital item) so being overseas wouldn’t necessarily have prevented you getting it. Conan’s Atlantean Sword was the physical edition bonus DLC :slight_smile:

Linky here: Make Conan's Royal Armor & Atlantean Sword Available As DLC

edit: updated with link.

Isn’t there a perfected version of it? Requires perfected linings etc. I have two separate types in my crafting menu. I mainly want to use the headpiece for the looks.

I was on early access, living here in Finland and I got the armor… Don’t think overseas mattered. Don’t got the sword though.

No. There is an Epic version of it, but (unlike all other armors) no Exceptional or Flawless Epic version.
Most armors come in:

  • Regular
  • Exceptional Regular
  • Flawless Regular
  • Epic
  • Exceptional Epic
  • Flawless Epic

The Royal Armor only comes in Regular and Epic. Unfortunately the difference between Epic and Flawless Epic is huge.

There are normal and Epic versions of the armor, but the Epic version is still “regular quality” Epic armor, not exceptional or Flawless Epic such as can be crafted by T4 armorer thralls. And as the bonuses from Flawless armor are significant, the royal armor is mostly ceremonial. (I use a mod to equip some of my armorer thralls with it because it’s not bad looking.)

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I see. I’m relatively new to the endgame stuff (only came back to the game a week ago after being in early access) so these different tiers are new to me. I’m sad that I don’t get to use the cool headpiece skin. At least apparently my favorite armor, hyberborean slaver, seems to have high-end versions.

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I believe all other armors have the full range of options, except for the “cloth only” stuff like Skelos Cultist or Mitra worshipper, various dancer armors etc.

Some sets just require (very) rare thralls to make it.

Yep, an Exile armorer called Grrr Legbiter knows how to craft Flawless Hyperborean armor. He can spawn in several Exile camps along the Noob River and at the infamous “Camp 24” on the cliffs north of the Sandswept Ruins. Took me ages to find and, err, “re-educate” the guy.

No! I preorder pay full price. I deserve my reward for supporting Funcom.

I suppose that if Funcom made the royal armor available as a purchaseable DLC, we who already own it wouldn’t need to buy it again.

You know, I never really understood that mentality that giving others something makes what I have somehow less valuable. If I drive a Porsche, and the Lord buys my friend a Mercedes Benz, I still have my Porsche.

Yes, having a pre-purchase bonus others cannot have makes us feel special. But maybe that’s not such a good thing after all if it makes us want to deny things from others.

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Is it fair I pay 65 dollars for a game when Bob buys it later for 15 bucks? Preorder a reward for us locked full price game.

Yes, it’s fair. We got to play the game earlier than Bob. Yeah, the game was also a mess most of that time, but so are most games on first release, so early buyer rewards are more like an apology for having to iron out the bugs.

We know every game will appear on Steam at a steep discount at some point in the future. It’s our choice not to wait for the discount price. It’s not Bob’s fault I paid full price, nor should I feel that he deserves something less than I because he waited for a year before buying.


Preorder help Conan Exiles grow. Taking away that bonus is an insult. Bob didn’t support and help Conan Exiles grow. Why rewarded him for buying late?

Make Bob pay extra for the Royal armor DLC, make Funcom and Conan Exiles grow more with that money. That way Bob doesn’t get rewarded, he needs to pay extra to get the fun stuff we got.

It’s not like it’s pay-to-win either, as it’s not even good armor, as has been discussed.

(Sorry about using you as an example, Bob. Nothing personal. I love you, man.)


That what DLC is for. Preorder is not dlc. It would ruin future Preorder if release as dlc.

Maybe if FUNCOM says “With all do respect, we are offering the Armor and Conan Sword for DLC at $4.99 usd”. No one can be disrespected then. They started with all do respect…


For everyday work and traveling around I wear the Royal Epic everyday.
When we are out hunting big game, or go to the cold, we change armor.
My st40, vit 31 keeps me alive just fine.

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