Make the Conan royal armor available

Hi. Conan royal armor was available only for people that preordered the game, and so it is impossible to obtain for people that bought the game in the last 3 years. Even for people that own all the expansions and dlc and has spent 120 dollars in the game.
Could it be possible to make this armor available somehow? I dont know how, maybe a small cheap dlc? Make it part of an update? Whatever you think would be good, as long as there is some way for us, thousands of people that discovered Conan in the last 3 years, to get that armor.
Thank you, i hope you consider this suggestion :slight_smile:


No, even i got this game only some months ago, but stuff like that should be only available for time, its common sense, those players HELPED devs in early access of conan exiles, so they deserved to feel special by the time they wasted with manny bugs and stuff…

Also u have wartorn rhino if u have siptah ea… that will be not obtainable later anymore. and its like if they add that armor again, or rhino later , its loose status that makes them rare and special, and those who also got them wont be special anymore

to what i agree, only is suggestion upgrade of what i think
each of this stuff should be available only 1 month
for example : about siptah
Its been writen that ea will leave in 2021
so its like september, october, november, december right
so what i could suggest
in each month they could add one special skin for those who bought the game in ea to say thanks either animal either armor…

September ( if u buy ea in this month u will get september - december stuff ) : Warthorn rhino
October ( If u buy ea in this month u get oct - dec stuff only without warthorn) : Armor/animal skin
November ( Nov-Dec only wihout sept-oct) : Example Wartorn armor set
Dec ( Dec stuff only Without sept-nov) : Special armor of siptah example…

Also they never return these sets available later, thats the point of items like that in ea…


Many game companies offer early access items for a certain price after the early access. I do not know why this could not be the case in Conan.

It is available for you, only thing you have to do is ask some one to make it for you, they are not bound to the makers.

I can hop in ur server if u r on pc and craft u both preorders (royal armour and atlantean sword) if u like. If u have the materials to invest on me, i can also powerlevel and craft u both epic versions (both sword and armour). Can make u as many copies as u like… So if u up to, just send me a msg and we can do it on weekend

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So you want to take away what we had to endure early access.
If FUncom ever does this, we EA folks with just leave.

After 2.5 years of their updates, and all that goes with being a beta tester that had to pay for the privilege.

Right now the royal armor is not even working. No hot/cold and no encumbrance.

So WE can not even use it right now.

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No, i want to give people the possibility to get, by paying money, what you get by spending time and playing the game in early access. So it is time for money, like in many many other areas in life and business. And like many many other gaming companies do.

You don’t even need to level to build epic versions I went on an official to build 6 sets for a clan and could build both variants from the get go just need resources, I am on ps4 so pc might be different.

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Sorry I disagree, I have no problem in paying for it. Not everyone knows when a game is going to be created much less released.

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i own both preorders and i stand with the selling those dlcs, i wont loose anything if FC decides to sell em. i will still have em, and it was for free… came with early access… was not the reason this game was bought, neither gives any advantage… so why the heck not more conan fans will have the opportunity to decorate their gaming with the armour conan wore in comics 9we all read in our childhood) or sword arnie was holding in movie?i find no harm or anything bad in dlcs being sold… maybe someone was not into the game back when the game released, maybe he was not at gaming age, perhaps had no time back then , so did not bought early access , that does not means he is less of a fan of this game than us that bought it 1st… why not having it more people? what u loose? nothing! u will still have it and be able to craft it… nothing will be taken away from u!!! so why not?


The armor sucks though, there is no way to make it flawless and it costs more than the regular medium armor…

If anything they should make it on par with the rest of armor and weapons.
But i agree, it should stay as it is, exclusive item for those who preordered :^)
that’s what we bought, exclusivity, is not stronger or give any advantage over the other armors.


Couldn’t agree more.


Then what the issue, it if doesn’t even work right now? And when you read the comments here people complain it is just as bad as the day of release. And to thinks we are talking about a mere skin that is over 2.5 years old. And I still disagree, it still provides funding to the company. I’m not talking about getting it for free.

Have I become confused here, or do some people have their lines crossed…!? Conans Royal Armor, as with the Atlantean Sword were NOT, as far as I know*, offered as a reward for helping with early acces. But rather they were both pre-order bonuses. Armor for the digital version, and sword for the physical disc version. To further my point, I have both the armor and the sword, and I am a ps4 player, ie-I did not assist with testlive. Yes, that means I did buy the game twice, but I regret nothing!

Independent of the aforementioned confusion, for what it is worth, I would be more than happy for them both to be made fully available to the whole playerbase as DLC. I have now had them just shy of 3 years longer than players who do not; that was more than enough for me. I support your call Babuchas.


Somehow, even though I’ve only been using the forums a few days, I am not surprised to learn that you bought the game twice for Conan’s armour and Sword, that seems entirely plausible :wink:
I’m a far more recent player (doubtful I could even have stored the game during EA, let alone run it…), but funnily enough I feel kinda the opposite way. Sure, if it was offered, I’d almost certainly buy it, but I kinda don’t want to see it offered. It’s not that Funcom made an actual promise, or some sort of contractual agreement, but it feels like a promise, if that makes sense? And I’d just prefer not to see them break that, even if it’s to my advantage if they do.

It’s funny seeing this thread - it seems like the majority arguing for the armour/sword to be released are people who have it and are willing to share, while the majority arguing against are people who don’t have it but are willing not to. :grinning:

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I would also like them to do this.

However, I’m not holding my breath as I don’t expect Funcom has the will to navigate the publicity backlash from the portion of their customers who would perceive this as a slight towards them. It’s easier for Fucnom to just deny their newer customers (you and me) the ability to give them money.

Can’t say I respect the business practice of creating artificial scarcity (of digital items no less) to encourage pre-ordering a game before it’s even released for public appraisal. This is economically perverse, at the expense of their future customers and certainly doesn’t endear me to Funcom.


You know despite being a newer forum member @DanQuixote, I can often tell a good member when I see one. And you strike me as just that. :slight_smile:

For the record here, I do know exactly what you mean. To put it another way, I think you are saying that it was a limited time offer. Or to put it another way like a limited edition set of collectible plates. They were made back in the the 50s and customers were assured that they are rare and precious. But then all of a sudden, in 2020 the company state that they are going to re-manufacture and distribute them for the anniversary. I do know what you mean, and understand some members feelings towards that.

However, for me there was never an actual promise as such that they would not be ‘re-manufactured’ at a later date. For this argument, I like to use some examples from my own library, and describe them by ‘camp’. Resident Evil 2 remake (RE2) Mortal Kombat X (MKX) and The Evil Within (TEW). I pre-ordered all three of these games, but their pre-order policies all contrast widely. At one end of the spectrum, for RE2, my pre-order bundle contained classic handguns, soundtrack, and additional outfits. ALL of which were made freely available for players to download the day after its release. For the middle spectrum, for MKX, I recieved Goro as a pre-order bonus character. Goro was not available until a lengthy period of time had elapsed. Finally, TEW is at the opposite end of the spectrum, offering the fighting chance pack, containing unique weapons, agony bow bolts, currency and health pack. To the best of my knowledge, to this day the fighting chance pack has never been made available for purchase as a DLC; its offer was but one brief window in time. It sounds to me like you are team TEW, whereas I am team MKX. I have enjoyed it exclusive access to the toystore for almost 3 years, now I want to let some of the others peering longingly through the front window in to enjoy it too. For me personally, having it longer than those poor guys was enough.

Yeah oddly enough I have observed this irony too. Although there are some long-term members who would vehemently disagree with my position. Believe me we dont want to ask Bryan_Skull for his thoughts on this one, or a lengthy, impassionate rant will ensue. I guess it is up to Funcom which of the 3 camps model they will ascribe to. But for now, I respect your point of view. I guess we will just have to agree to disagree on this one.

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There are a lot of things you would like to but, except they are not available any more, like 57 Chevys and AK47s.
You missed you chance, do not ruin ours.

Thank you for the kind words - TBH I’ve found the forum to be generally very welcoming (sure there’s the occasional ‘git gud’ out there, but then this is a gaming forum :wink: ), seems to be full of good people willing to argue in (mostly) friendly fashion about different elements of a game we all enjoy. Helps keep up my enthusiasm while dealing with the near eternal twilight gloom of Siptah :slight_smile:

Interesting analysis with the three games’ different approaches - yeah, I guess in this one I kinda do wind up on team TEW - which is odd, because I also am not a big fan of the whole ‘exclusive limited time availability’ as a general principle. I guess I’m focusing my concern on those who would be upset by ‘losing’ that exclusivity (as you say, I’m not sure anyone’s actually losing anything, but clearly some will feel that way), while your concern seems to be much the same idea just focused the other way (as we wait like Victorian street urchins with our noses pressed to the shop window at Christmas :wink: ).

The argument that three years of exclusivity is enough is certainly a good one. In an industry where three years is close to the full lifespan for many games, that’s clearly a decent length of time.

And I respect yours - I think both perspectives are perfectly fair, and am quite comfortable that neither of us needs persuade the other across to the ‘other side’ :slight_smile:

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One problem with that view point. One can still go out and purchase a 57 Chevy, or a AK-47 today. You got yours for free. Not everyone knew when the original game came out, I am willing to pay for it. You got when you got the game at a reduced price.