Make the Conan royal armor available

It is illegal to own an AK-47, and the last one was made in 1961, you will never see one.
A 57 Chevy sold new for about $700, now you pay $50,000.
So ok, You pay $50, and they can give you the armor. As long as its pink, so we know who paid for them.

and “free” my donkey, we paid and had to suffer for months as stuff was constantly changed.

Sorry your feelings are hurt.

Eu também acho que eles deveriam disponibilizar isso por DLC, e até tinha esperança quando lançaram a DLC do Aço com a temática do Conan do Filme. Porém não foi… Eu já venho dizendo a um bom tempo. A Funcom, meio que despreza as plataformas por exemplo… Eles dão muito valor ao PC pois lá eles usam MOD’s e isso faz com que a gama de jogadores seja bem maior e bem mais ativa. Só que, alguns MOD’s poderiam ser canônicos para todas as plataformas. Ou pelo menos aderir a ideia criando algo parecido. Mas não… Infelizmente temos que nos contentar com o que é oferecido… E como eu li em uma das resposta aqui: - para que os jogadores se sintam especiais por ter ajudado na produção do game - Então quem paga pelas DLC’s não ajuda? Eu mesmo comprei todas as DLC’s e acho que isso deveria ser valorizado.

I did not paid for the dlcs… I bought the game and dlc came along with it… Simple as that… i am pretty sure u also paid for the game, and as then was offered, game that was purchased was tagged along with some FREE stuff like dlc and some more in the case of the physical version… So i bet u did not paid for dlc a single penny… Dlc tempted u to buy the game?? Probably yes… U paid for dlc? Nope…

So , noone will offend u by purchasing something u got for free . And btw even if it comes pink, u can simply dye it whatever u like (i have mine painted), so what? U wanna see who paid for the dlc??? Just ask… noone will tell u i got it free if they have not… Whoever bought it will tell u , hey i bought it for x price… Grow a bit , and learn to share… Its a game, not some real estate…


I’d be for this if it meant they would become actually useful, ie get a flawless version. As it is, they’re only useful for ornaments (and let’s not get started on Armor Dummies / Display Stands again shall we!).

The sword is useful for a very brief period due to its handcrafted nature, and the armor could’ve been helpful while leveling except it was bugged when Siptah released and didn’t actually give its bonus :poop:

Incorporating The imerive armor mod would be a better thing to do.
Simple armors, made easy, and look good. They are better than the Royal. I use the Royal as a cover armor(vanity) when on servers that have this great mod.

Funny thing is no one wears heavy armors even full chain armos at Hyborean age. People wearing anything heavier than cloth, hide and may be chain/scale top was rare and it didnt cut the damage to %50-70 as this game does.

I really wish developers consider dropping the value of items (at least at special servers) and give more power to player attributes and introduce combat feats. Only this way this game would feel like we are playing at Hyborian age.

Anyhow, I can clearly understand why our friend wants the armor so much.

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Nonsense. Howard’s original stories has people in full plate armor, even Conan himself wears it.

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At the original stories, Conan wore mix of Scalemail and Chainmail at Aquilonian Coronation ceremony when he became the King of Aquilonia (He was at his fourties) and then he marched over the Picts. I allready mentioned Scale and Chain, decribed as ‘in full armor’…for the ceremony. But it is certainly not a full plate armor set.

Aquilonia to Nemedians and Picts later on.

Before he became the King of Aquilonia, when he was adventuring as younger Conan; the only times he wore armor at novels and comic based on novels was usually chain or scale top (or scale) and rest hide. This was usually whe he has lucky and worked for kings and similar high rulers, before he was beaten down and thrown to a dungeon by his enemies or at a slave camp and somehow he allways managed to survive.

Majority of his adventures pictures him in misery and looking for opportunuties. So Conan wandering around with rags is nothing extraordinary. (But he doesnt bounce his muscles around, instead tries not to draw attention, so allways wears clothes; unless he lives his other times with misery)

At the comic books it is similar but he usually falls in to very bad situations that armor is usually get ripped and thorn and he throws it away while travelling.

Full plate armor : 14-15 th century armor as the earliest stage, only worn by Lords and the aristocrats > Conan is fictional Archaic age. So, no. Not at the novels nor at the comics.

From “The Hour of the Dragon” (one of the best stories IMO, for being a full-length novel if nothing else):

the squires stripped Valannus of mail shirt, burganet and leg-pieces, and clad him in Conan’s armor of black plate-mail

Though plate-mail is arguably not full plate, it’s not “chainmail” either. Then there’s from Black Colossus:

At her command they brought harness to replace Conan’s chain-mailgorget, sollerets, cuirass, pauldrons, jambes, cuisses and sallet. When Yasmela again drew the curtains, a Conan in burnished steel stood before his audience. Clad in the plate-armor, vizor lifted and dark face shadowed

And that, at least, is as complete a description of a full set of plate armor as I think anyone could need.

Then there are the mentions of knights in shining armor/plate-armor, featured in several stories, such as (again from Hour of the Dragon) this:

Valbroso rode down with his men-at-arms, a lean, dark man with
glittering eyes and a predatory beak of a nose. He wore black
plate-armor and was followed by thirty spearmen

Knights may not be common troops, but they’re not all High Lords either.

Sure. No argument there. Conan takes what he can get and doesn’t spend much time maligning his conditions - what is, is, and better “get on with it”.

It’s fictional, sure, but its tech-level is kinda all over the place, ranging from borderline stone/iron age like the Picts to high medieval like the Knights of Aquilonia, which probably rivals the 14-15th century [like you said] in our own (aka real) history. Then throw in magic and the whole “Advanced society we don’t fully understand (Atlantis etc) came before us” schtick for good measure, and you get the mishmash fictional setting that is Conan’s Hyborian Age.


Yeah it is simply fiction.

I remember the debate at reddit years ago btw.

The plate there is arguably a form of Breastplate (not full Breastplate as we know but partial plate piece at the middle and rest of the body is either chain or scale)

Aquilonia is certainly, very close to late Roman era (Dark, religious age in real history, that is said to end with Renaisance). However there is alot of clashing information at Howard’s articles.

Anyhow, there is further link you may also like if you have not allready read it. Not offical since we really dont clearly know what Howard was really imagining. I enjoy his works for sure, since my childhood, but the made up fictional realm certainly brings together many different ages (still mainly archaic) aswell as his explanations sometimes, seem to clash what he tells about at an earlier sentence.

The link:


In some cases, yes, but it’s quite explicitly full plate in at least one case:

gorget, sollerets, cuirass, pauldrons, jambes, cuisses and sallet

gorget = neck guard
sollerets = foot/lower leg armor
cuirass = chest/body
pauldrons = shoulder/upper arm guard
jambes = knee
cuisses = thighs
sallet = helmet

In many ways yes, but for instance the Poitains (which is a client state of theirs) are much closer to French chivalric knights than Roman cavalry.

No I didn’t know that one, thanks. It’s a decent summary, but simplified a bit too much for my tastes (understandable since it’s for a game system).

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Lol you got a bonus like for Buffy.

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