Conan Royal Armor set / DLC PS4

Hi there! It’s been almost a year since I met Conan Exiles and I love the game, but when I understood more things I realized that I really like the Conan Royal Set for being a more interesting alternative to use instead of the encumbrance of the base game . I have PS4 and would pay anything to get this premium encunbrance set. If not possible I wanted to consult the possibility of adding as DLC in the future.

I also tried to contact funcom by mail but no one ever answered me.


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You’re best bet would be to find someone on the server you play and get them to make you some not sure how many are out there. Some people have tried to purchase a unused code which may not be legit and a waste of money. As far as Funcom making it a dlc there is controversy between people who would buy it and those that say it shouldn’t be sold because it was a bonus for preorder. Myself I have the Sword and be happy to see people buy it and the armor. Time will tell I won’t hold my breath.


Possibly because. . . Search results for 'royal armor' - Funcom Forums
I am pretty sure they have heard this request a gazilion times by now.

I have the armor from playing early access, but I rarely use it. Does not even compare to most crafted armor, so other than a few extra encumbrance ticks, it is useless IMO.
Personally, I think they should just give it to everyone. I do not think the majority of us that lived the nightmare of early access feel special anymore.


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